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In Oberhausen Germany, 90 aged and fragile care-home patients were subjected to their "3rd dose" - This despite the lack of official Federal Vaccination Department approval.

Of the 90 people injected for the 3rd time, 9 people had such strong reactions that additional treatment and monitoring was required, and in 10% of the cases reanimation was required (CPR and paddles).

The aged patients all suffered "mainly in the form of cardiovascular, respiratory and neurological disorders"

In a complete weak-assed cop out:

"The head of the health department currently assumes that various circumstances would have led to the complications. Such as long-term medication, increasing heat and dehydration."

To which my response would be: you mean these fragile care-home patients were not being monitored for dehydration during a period of documented temperature increase? What quality treatment the elderly in Oberhausen are receiving?

It is however, entirely clear that this event has spooked Doctors in the German state of NRW.

Sure 9/90 doesn't sound bad to the layman, but really what do you know? 10% of any group is statistically significant and in the case of Medicine this is of massive importance.

In an internal letter that the WDR has received, the board of directors of the district office of the North Rhine Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians informs resident doctors: "I don't want to fail to inform you of these incidents."
And further: "I would ask you to make a medical decision yourself whether you are waiting for a recommendation from the Stiko or EMA or whether the third vaccinations are now so urgent for your own patients that you have to carry them out without a recommendation."

The emboldened statement above, is unequivocally a statement of concern and important enough that the German Doctors concerned would write to the head of the state medical board on the topic.

Sure, you might say "10% so what, thats nothing"... to which I answer: What is 10% of 962 million? (the current global population over 60).


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Probleme nach Drittimpfung in Oberhausen?
Impfauffrischung: Für wen kommt der Booster Herbst?
Problems after the 3rd injection in Oberhausen