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What if covid-19 is an attempt to get us into a war with china. And accusing China of killing your Granny may be the trigger.

As Mr Sexton says "it is a terrorist attack" at the moment its a "meh who cares" situation, but in a few months when the European/American winter months approach and the "flu season" sets in and due to the spike-proteins, or to the billions of nasal test (made in china) are found to have damaged immune systems and "our people" start kaaking it?

Would you fight a war if china killed your Granny or your Mom or your Brother, Daughter, Son?

Meanwhile clearly the thing has been pushed by the WHO the WEF, Matt Hancock, Mr Spahn, Cuomo, Newsrom, Ian Fergason, Drosten, GAVI and the BaMGF and BillyGoats as well as the additional sundry useless eaters like Rothschild, Rockerfeller, Soros themselves.

But if people start dropping, we will forget all of that pretty quickly; just like 9/11 even before the dust settles the dogs of war will be beying at the sky.

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