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In 2012 a set of studies was done on mRNA in a Ferret model. Ferrets were injected with a mRNA platform (thats right, a "platform"). And some subsequently died when exposed to the wild virus form.

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Update 09-08-2022

Turns out, we were right, the monkeys and other animals WERE killed by and after the vaccine study ended.

COVID Vaccine Test Animals Were Destroyed Shortly After Vaccination
Can’t Find SAFETY CONCERNS If All Animals Are Destroyed

Original Article

Fact check: A 2012 study did not use mRNA vaccines or result in animals dying from disease
A video which uses a research paper to argue that mRNA vaccines will make people fatally weakened to other diseases makes untrue claims about the study, according to the paper’s lead author.

Reuters does such a wonderful job of "fact-checking". I mean just read it.

False. Animals vaccinated in the 2012 study referred to in this video did not die when exposed to a live virus and the research did not involve mRNA vaccines, according to the lead author of the study referenced.
However, Tseng, said the vaccines they had studied in the 2012 paper and the mRNA technology used in the COVID-19 vaccines are “very different vaccine platforms.

Oh? so they interviewed the doctor, who ran the tests where some ferrets DID suffer a immunopathologic-type lung disease induced by use of a Virus Like Particle vaccine. But he insists it's a completely different mRNA platform, but of course does not explain how its different and of course Reuters just kinda leaves it hanging there.

Now, a real journalist would go on to ask:

  1. Which platform was used?
    VLP - virus like particle; similar to what was used in HPV, anyone remember Gardasil outrage?

  2. How does it differ from the current set of mRNA gene-therapies
    Well, turns out its very closely related. It even says it in the name "Virus Like Particle" like an artificially generated spike protein that is virus like.
    Even nature agrees VLP is pretty much the same as mRNA

  3. What steps were taken to test that the NEW platform being used does not suffer the same result.
    Oh none, or at least none that can be found with this referencing.

  4. To what degree are the lungs affected and in what proportion of the relatively small test group? If the same effect is induced by the current set of injections then this next winter will not be good for the vaccinated.

  5. Where is the video of this alleged conversation with Dr Tseng?
    Come come Reuters, you actually expect us just to accept you on "your word".

Of course asking journalists to actually be journalists and not mouth pieces for propaganda rags is too much these days.

Don't read any further citizen, this section is "wrong-think".

Severe immunosuppression is a hallmark of Morbillivirus infections. To study the underlying mechanisms, we have developed a ferret model of canine distemper virus infection. The model reproduces all clinical signs of measles, but the lack of ferret-specific reagents has limited the characterization of the cellular immune response. Towards this, we cloned ferret cytokines and established semi-quantitative real-time PCR assays. To demonstrate the utility of these assays we compared the cytokine profiles elicited by lethal and non-lethal strains during the prodromal phase. We observed a general lack of cytokine induction in animals that later succumbed to the disease, whereas survivors mounted a robust and sustained response. The newly developed cytokine assays strengthen and expand the ferret model not only for Morbillivirus pathogenesis studies but also for several other human respiratory viruses including influenza and SARS.
SARS vaccine linked to liver damage in ferret study
(CIDRAP News) – Researchers in Canada who found hepatitis in ferrets after injecting the animals with an experimental vaccine for SARS (severe acute respiratory syndrome) are urging caution as other investigators develop and test SARS vaccines.
A COVID-19 mRNA vaccine encoding SARS-CoV-2 virus-like particles induces a strong antiviral-like immune response in mice
Gardasil Lawsuit | Deaths and Serious Injuries Linked to HPV Vaccine
Baum Hedlund Aristei & Goldman is one of the leading law firms representing people harmed by the Gardasil vaccine. Call today for a Gardasil lawsuit case evaluation.
Entire law-firms dedicated to taking Merck to court. For fucking up young ladies reproductive capability.
Gardasil Safety Concerns Renewed by Japan Investigation of HPV Vaccine -
Japan’s announcement that it is withdrawing recommendations for Gardasil has led to renewed concerns over the safety of the HPV vaccine.

Oh dear.. looks like ADE is becoming more of a "thing" I mean.. "extremely rare event"

Do any of you know what covid-19 actually looks like?
What exactly are the symptoms for this deadly disease that we have been berated, hounded and made to give up our freedoms, our sanity and in some cases our lives and now the potential lives of our children for.
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Australia is trying to use the same technique that was used in the USA and Europe, desperately trying to make it seem that there is a shortage and there is so much demand for their disgusting “gene-therapy”.
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The unvaccinated are the voices of doubt sitting in the back of the vaccinated’shead. They invoke fear and insecurity and without the validation of their ownchoice from others, how can the vaxxed be sure they are right. And now we know, the sense of doubt and insecurity was 100% right. You have …