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Thanks to the mirror for this hysterical propaganda piece. I'm pretty sure we used to get kicked off of twitter for saying this?

Double-jabbed suffering ‘worst colds ever’ may have Covid without realising
Many Brits are currently suffering with intense cold like symptoms - including a runny nose, a sore throat, headaches, coughs and a loss of smell - which have been hard to shift even several weeks later
wait till you have to get your 3rd dose to keep living

The 2x vaccinated have very bad immune systems now.

Yes, so the masks and social distancing killed the flu (but apparently thats back this year too so remember to "get your shot" LOL), and the double vaxed are "protected" from "corona" but not milder versions of corona, but the vax works ok!

But their immune systems cant fight off a cold because social distancing? and these people are somehow "protected"? Man the mental-gymnastics events are getting more and more interesting.

The double-jabbed readers' concerns that they have the disease are not without grounds.

Anecdotal evidence suggests the 'worst cold ever' has spread widely, possibly fuelled by a dip in immunity after a year and a half of social distancing and mask wearing limited its potential to infect.

Are they really implying that the vax can block "severe" cases but not mild ones?

So the vax cant block a mild case? but it can block a severe one and or stop you from dying in hospital? hmmmm tick tock.

Despite the remarkable effectiveness of the Covid jabs when it comes to stopping hospitalisations and deaths, their ability to block mild, breakthrough cases is not total.

So, if you get a cold - and or covid - you have a real problem.

So are they saying that the "worst cold ever" is covid? or just a cold? and if it doesn't stop mild covid nor a mild cold what does it stop? certainly not a severe case of covid?

but don't come to hospital! Rather stay at home and take an Asperin and drink chamomile tea like you would have done 2 years ago. "Save our NHS".. by not using it because we have beds, but no nurses, because they are all sick ...  or terminated.. or mindlessly killing people (because firing nurses, who have for the last 2 years and still are willing to work in a "pandemic" makes real sense yo)...

As the months after vaccinations go by, the protection against less severe cases wanes particularly.

And once again. The PCR test is a useless straw-man and yet still the "gold standard"

Been saying this since the start of this utter shitstorm of stupidity..

“If thinking it through there is quite a chance you have Covid, even if the PCR is coming back negative, then regard it as Covid and self-isolate.”

We truly live in a time of double-think mental-gymnastics and somehow the sheep plod along grazing it all up... because what else can they do?


Coronavirus - Wikipedia
covid is a corona class virus as is the flu
Is ‘the worst cold ever’ going around?
As more people mix again, the common cold is back - and leaving people floored.
Yes, welcome to your new normal.
Low-dose aspirin can reduce the risk of ICU admission and death of Covid-19, researchers say
The cheap, over-the-counter drug may help protect the lungs and reduce the need to put patients on ventilators.
Aspirin works against corona.... and the flu.. weird right? tEh ScIeNcE