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Far be it from me to point a finger at the glaringly obvious.

But, why is it that "Antifa" in Australia are lead by a set of Americans?

Maybe American NGO or CIA backed; but undeniably American.

Listen here as they note that the Melbourne protests are much larger than they expected and they tremble in fear...

It's almost as if; if you take everything away from a populace... build concentration camps.. and then tell them you will become a winnie-the-poo style dictator for life they wont get angry?

The subversive para-militaristic bullyboys... might be up against something they cant handle.

In case they delete the tweet

Heres the video.

Victorians preparing for a hanging


Qld to have two COVID-19 quarantine camps
The federal government has awarded a contract to develop a Brisbane quarantine facility, one day after Queensland started building its own near Toowoomba.
Construction of Mickleham quarantine camp starts
Melbourne’s Centre for National Resilience – the new quarantine facility in Mickleham – is to open by the end of the year.
Federal Senator tears into Andrews’ ‘absolutely insane, dangerous’ pandemic powers
Liberal Senator Sarah Henderson has backed the Victorian Liberals to try and amend Premier Daniel Andrews’ new pandemic powers.
Daniel Andrews is labelled a ‘dictator’ over pandemic laws
The controversial new laws allow the premier to declare a pandemic for an unlimited time and could see rulebreakers jailed for two years and fined up to $454,350.