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At what point does in this gene-therapy clusterf*ck does it stop being ignorance and become criminal negligence and intent to harm? Where is that fine red line?

Update: 20.08.2021

Dr. Mike Yeadon ex head of pfizer pulmonary research and CEO. Terrifying this many has his life under threat. We must act.

As "the wrongest man on the internet" (not really but thats what the clowns call him)

I've cleaned up some of his points below:

Let's start by comparing cases reported, EVER, for ALL OTHER VACCINES in the 6-17 and 18-29 age range to #Covid shots.
non-Covid since the start of recorded history: 394.
Covid last several months: 590...

So thats interesting but what about life-threatening cases?

Non-Covid: 42 life-threatening myo/pericarditis case reports since the begining of recorded history
Covid shots: 98 life-threatening reports. 98. In six months.

At a more sane point in time; vaccines were recalled after only a few deaths

Past vaccine disasters show why rushing a coronavirus vaccine now would be ‚Äėcolossally stupid‚Äô
While Covid-19 vaccine optimism continues to grow, one prominent model now projects around 135,000 more Americans could be killed by the virus by December 1, 2020. <a href=‚Äú‚ÄĚ target=‚Äú_blank‚ÄĚ>CNN‚Äôs Nick Watt </a>reports.
What Happened Other Times a Vaccine Was Rushed?
As manufacturers ramp up production of COVID-19 vaccine candidates even before data emerge from phase III trials, the past holds lessons.
Four Times in History Vaccines Failed (Lessons for a Coronavirus Vaccine?)
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, since 2011, vaccines have averted 23.3 million deaths from disease worldwide. Such numbers surely deserve praise, but there certainly have been several hiccups along the way‚ÄĒmistakes that scientists have surely used as a learning experienc‚Ķ

We are WAY beyond the point of ignorance, even wilful ignorance and are now in the realms of CRIMINAL INTENT.

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