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A "list" of vaccine "hesitant" employees is being maintained in Western Australia by the department Those that want the "Emergency Use Provisionally Approved Gene therapy" and those that don't.

To any nurse reading out there you are NOT obligated to protect the health of your community, by endangering your own. On the contrary the nurses must be protected and not by forced injection of an untested (still in phase 3 trials till 2023), provisionally approved gene therapy that has killed more than any beta tested vaccine before it.

Update: Unfortunately due to a "fear of losing their job" I've had to remove the original image of the document stating that employees must register their intent to vaccinate; Which in-itself is an indication of the fear that drives all things relating to this topic.

Instead, I'll provide an outline of the email:

  • all staff are required to register their vaccination status or intent to vaccinate or not. No dates of limitation are provided
  • The email makes it clear there is a list being maintained of all those who do not consent
  • the email says Pfizer for those younger than 50 and Astra-Zenaca for those over 50 (because fuck-em right?)
  • The email also states that they are sending the list of names via email attachment (xls)

The fact that these departments are managing a list of names is reason for alarm, not to mention that they are sending these lists via email in an unsecured manner and not guaranteeing confidentiality as per the Australian Privacy Act is more reason for alarm.

In response to this email I have written an open email to the people of

Dear ******,

   I write this email in the hopes of being able to communicate the good intentions of the Department of Health in Western Australia and your hospital in particular.

Recently an "encouragement" to vaccinate memo has been made available to staff members with the further quasi-requirement to "register" their intent/or lack thereof to vaccinate.

1. Please would you comment on this quasi-requirement for all staff members given the provisional status of the emergency use vaccines and how its requirement may impact staff morale and staff scheduling given the potential for severe adverse effects short-term and in the long-term.

2. How will these adverse reactions be tracked? And how will staff-sick leave periods and injury claims be affected?

3. Additionally in the case of a severe adverse reaction; which protocols will be used to identify the event and - as this is a quasi-requirement by the hospital and health department - to whom is liability for these events assigned?

4. Most importantly I ask you to expand on the intent and purpose of the "name register" that that will be used to record an employees vaccination status. As well as clarify the lifetime limitation of the data in question as well as how answering "no thanks" will affect that employees record.

5. As the system collects the highly personal medical and personal data the individuals involved and does not disclose the limits of use. Could you please indicate how the according to the Australian Privacy Principles (of Privacy Act 1988) storage and transmission of this employee data will be governed and to what degree privacy and disclosure laws are adhered to.
Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.

Robert M.

Remember they are "encouraging" you to "take the experimental jab". However at the same time threatening you with a list of your names. Like Santa, take the jab don't ask questions! Or wind up on our "norty list"..

Which may or may not have repercussions on your employment status.

How much longer can this extortion go on? Hell, at least in the States they are giving free doughnuts and cash away. In WA you get put on a list.

WARNING: Vomit inducing open letter from a tissue wetter.

Appeal to Emotion

What is incredibly alarming is the "calls to authority" in this highly emotive weak assed letter asking you to potentially give up your future health because we did our jobs for you when you were a child.... and to protect the community and bear the load .. its complete madness for this "virus" with almost no risk if u are under 80 so i hope the general answer from responsible and medical trained officers is "no! get rooted, you pathetic scum"...

lets look at their bullet points

  • TGA did not "approve" the vax they "provisionally" approved it, big difference.. Why was this word not included in this appeal to emotion. Not to mention these are political approvals and not based on any actual science other than we've been told its safe.
TGA provisionally approves AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine
The TGA has granted provisional approval to AstraZeneca Pty Ltd for its COVID-19 vaccine
  • Provisional approvals all down the board, it's all "temporary and provisional" simply because they are following the orders and there is not enough data to Approve the Gene Therapy; that and actually they are still in phase3 of the trials until 2023.

Their plan to to monitor for safety and effectiveness is laughable.

ICMRA statement for healthcare professionals: How COVID-19 vaccines will be regulated for safety and effectiveness
Healthcare professionals and public health authorities will have a central role in discussing vaccination against COVID-19 with their patients.

TLDR; They wont, they will rely on international bodies and on systems that have not yet been developed. Great right? The bullets points below are from the document above

Reviewing and analysing adverse events reported by healthcare professionals and consumers and requiring industry vaccine sponsors to report to regulators on adverse events received both within the regulator's home country and globally;

Oh so, the people that supply the drug also approve the reviews and analysis of the drug? Hello fox guarding the henhouse here?

Many regulators will implement enhanced passive surveillance systems, and will have access to near real-time data on vaccine usage in different settings. Several will also implement traceability systems for different vaccine brands and batches;

Who are many regulators? Not the TGA obviously or the language would be different, "will have access".. as in they currently don't.

Working with other international regulators and researchers to share information about emerging safety issues in order to take quick action to mitigate risks; and

So.. the Chinese Owned and BillyGoats backed WHO and Gavi and partners, the same people benefitting from the rollout and industrialisation of the vaccine industry?
COME ON MAN. Heres their link to other regulators

Reviewing medical literature and other sources of new safety information.

Failure to provide sources for their medical literature but no doubt the WHO and not VAERS which is currently deleting negative reviews but has seen 300% increase in reports of death and negative effects, but clearly not being talked about:

COVID Vaccine Landing

Additionally according to the Health dept WA's own documents

Public Health
The key principles that underpin this policy framework are:
Consistent and compliant with relevant State and National legislation and policies.
Evidence-based and accessible
Publicly accessible and informed by research and evidence.

Provide the evidence, what evidence are they using to identify covid, and treatments, provided sources please.

To be straightforward and honest in all professional and business relationships.

Ask for disclosure about all interests involved; document the chain of authority and get them to declare each party involved; with a view to dissecting the "integrity" of allowing supra-national entities to dictate policy.

Query the CT rate of PCR tests thats a fun one.

The requirement to be precise, unbiased, open, honest and receptive to criticism. Bias, conflict of interest or undue influence of others must not override professional or business judgements.

How are they being objective by mandating that a still in phase3 test vaccine is being forced on employees under threat of their job.

Promoting health and preventing disease before it occurs in the wider community.

WA infection rate is almost nothing, the last infection was a no brainer and potentially a false-positive (as again for the CT rating of the test for the last 10 infections)

Risk management
The organisation identifies and manages its risks. Each organisation has a distinct risk profile. Identifying its particular risk exposure and developing and implementing risk prevention and remediation plans is critical to ensure the organisation can operate effectively and efficiently to achieve its goals.

The current risk of "infection" is so low in WA it may as well not be a thing, and the "risk" of death is in the sub sub degree.

Never-mind the CDC emergency meeting on "rare" myocarditis events in kids younger than 16.. but yeah go ahead and sign up for this madness. Or be forced into it with list tactics.

CDC plans ‘emergency meeting’ on rare heart inflammation after getting the vaccine
Dr. Peter Hotez, co-director of the Center For Vaccine Development at Texas Children’s Hospital, joins ‘The News with Shepard Smith’ to discuss the new Covid strain as well as his thoughts on a rare heart inflammation post vaccine. However, he says the Delta variant is a ‘far bigger concern.’

You should watch this discussion between the co-creator of the mRNA technology and a serial entrepreneur. Well worth your time.