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Shut-up and take the butt of my gun in your face "Its for your health"

These are Protestors not Terrorists what in gods name is going on in Australia?

Why are Australian Civil Police treating People like combatants? They are trained to hate the people not respect them and to treat everyone as a threat to their lives. This is Australia mate not fucking Palestine.

Where do we go from here?

I ask everyone who can download the videos store them and report to and yes yes I know the UN but Nils Melzer got involved in German Riots and brought some discussion and attention to the situation.

For your Health and safety
Who exactly are they going to fight?
Defenders of the Pharmaceutical state
ok ok, this ones from half-life but you get the point right?
or, maybe not right?

Police of Victoria you are in contravention of section 10, 12, 14, 15, 16, 18, 21, 22 at least; of your own States Human Rights statement

But but "public health order" then these are not "rights" and you need to stop calling them that and let that stew for a bit.

With this in mind, are these "police procedures" legal? or are they now the actions of a "militant-force"?

Human rights
Human rights are basic entitlements that belong to every one of us, regardless of our background, where we live, what we look like, what we think or what we believe. Victoria’s Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities contains 20 basic rights that promote and protect the values of freedom, respe…

There is a line, fast approaching before a populace says no more.

Backed up just in case


Israelis to train Aust forces on security
Australian emergency services and border officials will be trained on security responses from Israeli teams who are experienced in terror protection.