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It might be a small win but it's a win; all 12 absurd "charges" against the "Aussie Cossack" Dropped. The police involved in this corruption of the law and misappropriation of police resources need to be charged.

All I can say is F*ck the Australian Police, you guys are scum of the earth (ego driven, arrogant power-mad oppressors in boots, tantamount to the nazi SS); stand up for the people you are sworn to protect and stop protecting the corruption around you.

There are so many videos of Australian Police abusing Civilians and misappropriating their powers. They are there to find.

The "cossack" below had a "firearms order" placed on him by the police, this means they can shake him down at home in the car whenever they like. For no reason required. Despite stating he has no firearms and evidently not having any after his apartment was ransacked in one of these raids.

Victoria Police will maintain a Permanent "Concentration Camp Command"

This should terrify you, by now you should know there will  be NO RETURN TO NORMAL - no matter what the "politi-pigs" Gulag-Gladys and Dictator-Dan as well as Bruz and the "Soft-cock Morrison" (otherwise known as "pal" or "the guy from down under) have promised.

Victoria Police establish TWO Covid enforcement commands until 2023
Commissioner Patton called freedom protestors ‘selfish’ and ‘arrogant’ during the announcement.
The Victorian Police Chief Commissioner Shane Patton announced that two separate Covid commands have been set up with operations extending until at least the end of 2022 - possibly indefinitely.

One command is expected to manage Covid quarantine operations with the hotel system and any additional purpose-built quarantine facilities. The second is a response command designed to handle the daily task of enforcing state health mandates within the community.

Melbourne Suspends all traffic in a desperate push to prevent tens of thousands of Australians from voicing their dissatisfaction.

This IS oppression in a democracy there is NO RIGHT to disallow this protest when the BLM and Gay Parades were not covid spreading events. That logic is weak and you sound like a fool for trying to use it

Support the United Australia Party

Never before has the duplicitous corruption of the 2 party state been so clear and obvious. Australias "Liberal" and their "Labor" parties have destroyed Australia and corrupted any semblance of normality in a once proud and great land. The hubris needs to be stopped.

United Australia Party - Make Australia Great

Never before would I have considered supporting anything to do with "Clive Palmer" but honestly; this party is the only political party in Australia that is actually defending the civil rights and "normality" that once was.

There will be NO RETURN to NORMALITY if the political status quo remains.

Support the Aussie Cossack

We cannot let this corruption of justice continue.

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Forbidden Protests
When 10,000 Germans protest explicitly forbidden by the state breaking the DE rule of “Ordnug muss Sein” & risk title ”#Querdenker”, as well as be beaten by the Police. You know there is something wrong in paradise.