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Bill (and ex Melinda) Gates Grant database has made allot of interesting data public.

The database was made available in ~2021 and is now freely available to browse and look for yourself.

Whats interesting is trying to map the flow of this money from its source through the WHO, GAVI and PATH into arms around Australia and the world.

If you have any information or can supply those databases for visualization.. do let me know.

Wheres the data from


What happened in Jan 2016 and July 2021 that saw over 3 Billion dollars given out?

oh? mRNA research got 1.5B in funding in 2016?

Yes, it appears in 2016 BMGF did indeed invest almost 2Billion in grant monies into mRNA research. I don't even need to point at it with big red arrows its so obvious above. And again massive outlay (almost 2Billion again) for mRNA and "general support" services in 2021..

That is allot of cheddar
Foundations Advancing mRNA Science and Research
Learn why foundations like the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation are helping Moderna advance mRNA science to prevent HIV infection and other infectious diseases.
whoo boy.. thats a lot of dogh going to a company connected to Fauci via Ralph Baric.. I wonder if they got any? 19Million to moderna
In January 2016, we entered a global health project framework agreement with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to advance mRNA-based development projects for various infectious diseases.
ModernaTX, Inc. - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

And then in 2017 Bill Gates is suddenly warning about a viral plague?

Is this too obvious? He massively invests in "gene therapies" and then starts predicting "plagues".. at the same time is corrupting "Imperial College" (where the main trends for pandemics are evaluated by the limp neil fergason and his team) and other university and support systems.. and then in trumps reign fauci "predicts" trump will definitely get a viral plague... and then 2019, event201 and then covid..

Bill Gates Warns Of Epidemic That Could Kill Over 30 Million People
“There is a reasonable probability the world will experience such an outbreak in the next 10 to 15 years.”

Do we know the effects of the "Vaccine" Gene-therapy?

Even Gates says "no not really". Pumped almost 2M into research at "rockerfeller uni" for 36 months.. STARTING July 2021......

Imperial College London

oh Neil no wonder you felt so secure in your fake numbers

Please see

Neil Ferguson (the guy who fakes numbers badly, who started this whole thing) wrong again! Now admits it openly
100,000 cases easily... WRONG Neil, just pack it in you are liar and a fraud. update 07.08.2021 Professor Neil Ferguson interview: ’Yes, my prediction was off . . . we’ll learn to live with Covid’He’s gone from being the king of doom to the champion of cheer.
Ferguson now admits it... openly he was completely wrong...
The lies that started the covid-19 panic - Neil Ferguson, Imperial College, John Carmack and the Covid-19 debacle.
The purveyor of completely wrong data since .... since he started, Ferguson you hypocrite. Update: 07.06.2021 Head of the NHS agrees with me Covid modelling has been crude and unreliable, NHS leaders warnGovernment urged against using the models to decide whether to lift the remaining lockdown restr…
The original article

Colleges & Universities


Well, for "horse dewormer" BillyGoats certainly seems to believe it works as an anti parasitic and anti-viral. As 70 years of effective human use and several Nobel Prizes as well as being a WHO "essential medicine".

Thats allot of money for "Horse Dewormer"

The "Clintons"

Wow $544M smackaroonies to Hillary! I wonder how much clout that buys? And the next "tiny" donation is to "Bill-the-lollipop" his "Wife" and their political rug-rat .. and its a minuscule $35M ... crikey..


Wow BMGF takes "donation advice" from Rockefeller .. $154M worth of advice... not much more to say about that fount of corruption.

Purchased Journalists

Well it certainly pays to control the narrative... Let's just say allot of the lack of focus and correct lines of questioning are explained by the vast sums that BillyGoats has been paying out to the 4th Estate.. or what tries to pass itself as such these days.

Bill really, really and i do mean really LOVES Sculpture

16Million bucks.. for a sculpture park? hmmm human traffiking anyone?

Olympic Sculpture Park
The Olympic Sculpture Park offers monumental contemporary sculptures and breathtaking views of the Space Nee​dle, Olympic Mountains, and Puget Sound.
I don't buy this for a second!

General Support

A very very generous man. oh look HIV again.

"General Support"
"Operating support"
Combined General and Operating support, man its like pocket change apparently


BillyGoats own personal Swiss extra-judicial state entity; similar to the Bank of International settlements (see Alan Dulles - yes, that CIA and airport Dulles - and the those who setup a bank that was extra judicial to handle all that sweet sweet nazi gold.. oh ho ho you thought that was the swiss? no they just facilitated it, the nazi gold thing was Alan).

Well GAVI gavi is the Nazi Gold Facilitator in todays context. And just as evil, probably more so actually.

GAVI, G20, EMA, EU vs Ivermectin which inhibits the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein from binding to ACE2 receptors in human tissue
Strange how all these corporate interests are clamouring to inject your children with their gene-therapies. And will in-fact try to use EUA for all future treatments. Oh, and there will be “many many more” in the future. And no liability. Great right? For gavi and the industries behind it yes.
Gavi suppressing info about ivermectin and GAVI a partnership made in hell
Just a coincidence that vaccine masters GAVI are pushing the covid pass backed by IBM and other evil companies. Update: billy boy and is vax companies applying pressure now you got vaxxed you can also get their permission to travel. News – Good Health Pass CollaborativeRead this sickening corporate…
Gavi is immune from international prosecution and has no local swiss jurisdictional oversight, legally extra judicial they cannot be taken to court
the absence of legal personality of global health public-private partnerships under international law means that these partnerships fall outside the framework of responsibility under international law. This ability to escape responsibility under international law may cause one to wonder whether responsibility is better found in domestic legal systems. The obstacle with this avenue, however, is that despite domestic law being applicable to these partnerships, these partnerships, in certain instances, enjoy immunity from the jurisdiction of domestic courts.

Afghanistan and Haiti so much money so little effect

All that Clinton nastiness with kids being "saved" by the person (Laura SIlsby the child trafiker) now responsible for the "Amber Alert" system.. so weird right...

Other Questions

Oh Look the Clintons are there...
Wow all those extra-judicial companies getting allot of money.. yes GAVI PATH et al are completely free from oversight or even legal jurisdiction
An interesting breakdown of money recipients, notice how much money goes to the 3rd world that has none of those pesky health regulations and human rights limitations.

Can I browse it myself?

Sure, install docker and docker-compose and you are off. Here is the compose file and database.

  1. create a folder "metabase"
  2. create a docker-compose.yml file with the content below
  3. create a metabase/metabase-data subfolder of the original metabase folder you created at 1. and place the sqlite3 database there.
  4. You can download the zipped database and csv file here
  5. In the metabase folder run docker-compose up and after some time open localhost:3000 login go to admin and add the sqlite database at /metabase-data/bmfgrants.db
  6. learn metabase

docker-compose file

version: "3"

    image: metabase/metabase
      - 3000:3000
      - $PWD/metabase-data:/metabase-data:z
      MB_DB_TYPE: postgres
      MB_DB_DBNAME: postgres
      MB_DB_PORT: 5432
      MB_DB_USER: postgres
      MB_DB_PASS: postgres
      MB_DB_HOST: postgres-db
      - metadbase-net
      - postgres-db

    image: postgres
      - metadbase-net
      POSTGRES_PASSWORD: postgres
      PGDATA: /var/lib/postgresql/data
      # declare your mount volume /host/dir:/container/dir
      - postgres-data:/var/lib/postgresql/data

    metadbase-net: {}

  postgres-data: {}


GAVI Alliance - Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Billionaire Bill Gates says this is the best investment he’s ever made. Killing you and your Kids and allot of brown people

Did Gates and Melinda really kill kids in India?
Yes, apparently so...with their vaccination drive.. very profitable according to BillyGoat Controversial vaccine studies: Why is Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation under fire from critics in India?Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has funded two entities that have played a key role in the immuniz…
The global impact of Imperial’s COVID-19 Response Team | Imperial News | Imperial College London
Imperial’s COVID-19 Response Team have been working with health services and governments around the world to help plan responses to the pandemic.

Ralph S. Baric - Faucis right hand wuhan man.. on the moderna receiving end

the vaccine worked really good in young animals but not so good in old animals

Christ another person left behind.. can these people even speak english? Good? Something works well... not "good" :facepalm:

The Clintons, Laura Silsby, Haiti, Amber Alerts & Human Trafficking - DC Dirty Laundry
There is no doubt that Bill and Hillary Clinton are at the center of a major human trafficking ring, including sex trafficking. But how many remember a woman by the name of Laura Silsby? Silsby, now known as Laura Silsby-Gayler was jailed for the kidnapping of 33 children in Haiti and eventually w…
yes yes this is a conspiracy site.. fine... sorry but hwat do you think this is?
Never mind the Czech gold the Nazis stole...
The Bank for International Settlements actually financed Hitler’s war machine
Return of the Leviathan: The Fascist Roots of the CIA and the True Origin of the Cold War
In whose interest did the creation of the Cold War serve and continues to serve? Cynthia Chung addresses this question in her three-part series. In…
Tower of Basel: The Shadowy History of the Secret Bank that Runs the World: LeBor, Adam: 9781610393812: Books
Tower of Basel: The Shadowy History of the Secret Bank that Runs the World [LeBor, Adam] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Tower of Basel: The Shadowy History of the Secret Bank that Runs the World