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A brave house doctor in Germany speaks out about the unconvincing vaccine data and his practice observations.

Wonderful to hear some sanity in doctors practices

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Corona vaccination in the family doctor's practice
Update from 08/25/2021

Dear homepage visitor,

In the past weeks and months we have made more than an effort to comply with the political recommendations and guidelines of the federal government and the Federal Ministry of Health (BMG), the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and the permanent vaccination commission (STIKO) as well as Paul-Ehrlich -Institutes (PEI) and according to the guidelines of these institutions with the new vaccines offered by the industry in a hurry to protect against infection with SARS-CoV-2 in the sense of the health protection of the population as well as our patients after careful individual indication and risk assessment to make an appropriate vaccination offer.

After carefully researching the interim results from the vaccination experience in most countries and the course of the subsequent waves of disease since the introduction of the vaccines, taking into account our own experience after the Covid vaccinations, we have now decided to temporarily suspend the vaccination campaign in our practice break up.

The data situation on all COVID vaccines is not convincing. The analyzes of the immunological reactions to the vaccinations show implausible results with regard to the effectiveness with regard to the production of "sterile immunity". The severity of the course of the disease in a vaccinated person is also not significantly reduced, as the recent figures from Israel have shown. These unsystematic findings, as well as the high disease burden in the population immediately after a COVID vaccination due to side effects such as headache and body aches, drowsiness and dizziness, unclear persistent lymph node swelling in the drainage area of ​​the vaccination area, temporary and persistent skin reactions in these areas as well as changes in the blood count with an increase in the Platelet count, but also more serious events such as the acceleration of the progress of existing tumor diseases or newly occurring tumor diseases in temporal connection with a COVID-19 vaccination gave us the reason not to use any further vaccines in our practice. The risk-benefit ratio of the application seems to be individually and collectively very unfavorable.

After more than 200 vaccinations carried out in our practice and unfortunately at the time of the lifting of the vaccination prioritization in June 2021, we now hope for your understanding for this decision.

Of course, we will, as usual, closely monitor the development of the data situation on the vaccines and inform you in this way about our further decisions.

Your G. Zimmermann
specialist in general medicine

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