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I'm not sure how true this is, but... its interesting

As always Reuters fact check is a LAUGH!

Fact Check-British Airways is not in ‘crisis talks’ with the government over vaccinated pilots
Claims that British Airways is in “crisis talks” with the British government due to the deaths of three pilots who received COVID-19 shots are unfounded, a company representative and British medicines regulator spokesperson has told Reuters.

So: "They are not in crisis talks with the government"..... "but 4 pilots... ARE DEAD"... fuck you reuters.

Reuters presented the claims to British Airways, which said they were unfounded and that no such talks were underway with the government. The spokesperson, however, confirmed the authenticity of the four condolence books, as four company pilots had recently passed away. “Our thoughts are with their family and friends,” they said, adding that none of the deaths was linked to vaccines.