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Don't Look now but Prof Kristine Macartney got a sh*ttone of cash in the last 2 years. If this is not corruption then what the hell is?

The Bad Professor is an expert witness in the legal case against "Brad Health Hazzard" in the case against mandatory vaccination in Australia. A rough overview of this vile human's  fraudulent testimony can be found here.

Update: 04.09.2021

Turns out both KorruptKristine and GulagGladys were on the take, both accepting grants and monies from "questionable sources".

Ding dong the witch is gone - GulagGladys and Bruz quit the Dictatorship business
A few days after GulgGaldys steps down because of ICAC investigations (cough cough) and now her deputy and fellow scumbag Bruz has stepped down; Why Berejiklian resigned: Everything you need to know about corruption inquiry into departing PremierIn her own words, Gladys Berejiklian says her resignat…

Please remember this corrupt woman is the expert witness called on to help defend Brad Hazzard yesterday

Kassam v Hazzard - Day 1
Professor Kristine McCartney and Marianne Gale give evidence and heresay

Just in case its censored on twitter

But but, where does all this money come from?

A great question! Are you a journalist by some chance? So most of it appears to be money from the WHO, GAVI and PATH and or for "general support services"

Breaking: 04.09.2021 2016 BillyGoats invested in mRNA research companies like Moderna

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grants Database
BillyGoats Kiddy Killing Club database of grants has made allot of interesting correlation public. Whats interesting is trying to map the flow of this blood money from its source through the WHO, GAVI and PATH arms into Australia and other distributors and who the end recipients are.... IF you have


Kassam v Hazzard - Day 1
Professor Kristine McCartney and Marianne Gale give evidence and heresay

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