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I've written on this topic a few times now.

Daily it seems that the only non-conspiracy (NWO Guide-stones 500M population killing eugenicist plot); is that we are building up a surplus of unemployed "desperate" population..

"But thats a conspiracy!" - indeed it is, and it's also where we find our current reality. Or does your dissonance dispute that?

"To what ends?" I hear you ask:

Well, if I wore a weird assed quasi-evil kiddie-shagger-suit (like Klaus) and I wanted to bring about a "Great Reset", or if I was raised by a Eugenicist and had a reputation for disgusting business practices, I would formulate a plan in the following shape.

  • bring the people I despise into a state of panic (pandemics, climate-change, race, religion, etc)
  • talk those people into self-reductionist strategies (vaccines will save you, while we discuss ways to reduce population)
  • cause division and outrage with the above in mind (so you cant focus on who is shaking the jar)
  • create dependency so that my diktat cannot be questioned without severe financial and social consequence (no jab, no job)
  • ensure that control systems are in place
  • proft
  • if zat doesn't work then we will just use the old strategy of World-War and do it all that way.. because now we have millions of desperate unemployed hungry people who are worried about their families and must either comply or fight and make no mistake, the anger at china will ensure they fight after all who is responsible for killing your child, your grandma, your brother, your mother.... indeed who.

Simple really.

All this talk of fast fish, all I can smell is this fat disgusting pussy below.


I am not an evil quasi-dictator with Nazi history.. no, zat wos my vazer.
sounds nice right? except for like point 1
Did Bill Gates’ Father ‘Run’ Planned Parenthood and Teach His Son to Spread the ‘Gospel’ of Eugenics?
Conspiratorial social media posts baselessly linked the philanthropist to eugenics.
I gag a little linking to this disgustingly bad website.
Highly Advise you watch this if you want to know who Gates the reptile really is
Humans of the GREAT RESET: What the future MIGHT look like in 2021 – if the controlling elites have their way
With vaccine rollouts underway, humanity looks set to win the fight against the coronavirus. But some elites planning a post-coronavirus ‘Great Reset’ don’t want to go back to normal. Here’s what they have planned instead.
yes yes its RT, but sometimes the enemies propaganda is what you should listen to to know the truth about your own side