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Sorry Germany, aber what the fuck?

Vitamin D schützt nicht vor Covid-19-Erkrankung
Vitamin-D-Gaben könnten die Gefahr einer Covid-19-Erkrankung deutlich senken - das behauptet zumindest eine Reihe von Wissenschaftlern und Ärzten. Beweise gibt es dafür nicht. Dafür birgt die unkontrollierte Aufnahme Risiken. <em>Von Wulf Rohwedder.</em>

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The reporter Mr Wulf Rohwedder an "associate" has been pumping out funded "fact checks" for quite some time and now apparently Vitamin D does not protect against "corona like" infections (ie common colds and flu)

A turkey-fed view of the world and strangely now thinks he knows better than many practiced medical doctors here is a sample of his non-stop drivel. Sometimes dropping a pearl.

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Read his articles to get an idea of his slant:

According to the website run by a US computer scientist with no medical training, these amounts are generally considered safe. However, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment sees it differently. It recommends a maximum daily amount of 800 iU in food supplements. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) also considers a dose of 4000 IU to be harmless in healthy adults.

As opposed to a tagesshau reporter with.. no .. medical ... training and taking his feed from Drosten and GAVI and co.

Never-mind the NIH reports

Strong correlation between prevalence of severe vitamin D deficiency and population mortality rate from COVID-19 in Europe - PubMed
The authors recommend universal screening for vitamin D deficiency, and further investigation of Vitamin D supplementation in randomized control studies, which may lead to possible treatment or prevention of COVID-19.

and the Lancet

Vitamin D and COVID-19: why the controversy?
“To help retain the peak of sunny summer health—to help maintain rugged resistanceto winter colds and sickness—drink Schlitz [beer], with Sunshine Vitamin D”, readsan advertisement in the American Magazine from December, 1936.

And hundreds of other studies that state counter to what the esteemed reporter describes.

Mr Rohwedder appears to have taken the propagandists straw-man view in his article (and many more) where he sets up a false statement and goes on to "prove" the invalidity of the statement.

Vitamin D does not "cure" the ro, it is however part of guidance for treatment and prophylactic treatment of colds/flu and other symptoms of corona like viruses. Its also not recommended to overdoes for extended periods (like ALL things everything in moderation)

However, there is a direct correlation between low vitamin D and corona cases. Whether, this correlation is reflective of the low nutrient diet of most Americans living in food deserts and proportionately a higher number of African American and Hispanic backgrounds which tend to suffer vitamin D deficiency or a direct effect I tend to favour the former over the latter as the double blind placebos quoted in his article suggests.

So in short: take your vitamins, eat good food, get exercise be happy and don't read propagandists, or at least be able to recognise them

Maybe watch this too:

Dr. Ryan N. Cole, MD - Board-certified dermatopathologist (AP & CP) and CEO/Medical Director of Cole Diagnostics
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Just a reminder of what covid-symptoms are: