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The democratic right to demonstrate and protest is gone in Britain.

Everything Wrong with the UK Government Policing the Right to Dissent
With the tactics of dissenting groups ever-growing, Natalie Nzeyimana and Derica Shields share their insights on the Police & Crime Bill and why, in an increasingly authoritarian climate, people are still willing to risk protest

Having said that the UK has been on this path for many years now... Clearly the covid situation is merely to distract from teh devastating brexit economic effects.. Despite the regimes attempts to make it seem like its all on the up and up... its not.. dont fool yourself.

PM warned no deal Brexit will cause ‘colossal’ damage as talks falter
Boris Johnson has been warned failure to reach an agreement with the EU would cause “colossal” damage to the economy after he said no-deal was now a “strong possibility”.
Letters: No-deal Brexit will be catastrophic for the UK
Please send your letters to
COVID plus Brexit means quarantine, paperwork and stress | DW | 19.01.2021
Travel in a pandemic may not be a wise move. Traveling in deepest winter as COVID numbers surge, just days after your right of free movement has been removed — that is monumentally unwise, writes DW’s Elliot Douglas.
The COVID/Brexit cocktail: UK lost market share in U.S., Germany and China - report
The United Kingdom lost market share in the United States, Germany and China during the COVID-19 pandemic due to global trade chaos, Brexit and poor productivity, according to new research published on Monday.

and now the British are being lied to.. covid did not kill the economy.. the lockdown did... and brexit absolutely did...