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A few days after GulgGaldys steps down because of ICAC investigations (cough cough) and now her deputy and fellow scumbag Bruz has stepped down;

Why Berejiklian resigned: Everything you need to know about corruption inquiry into departing Premier
In her own words, Gladys Berejiklian says her resignation “could not happen at a worse time”. So why is she doing it? It comes down to a few things and one of them is NSW’s all-powerful corruption watchdog.
Gladys Steps down because corruption with grants

Ahhh #GulagGladys taking money in the grants.. just like the head Expert Witness "Kristine Macartney" in the defence case of "Brad Health Hazzard".

John Barilaro calls time on his political career
NSW Deputy Premier John Barilaro stepped aside from politics on Monday - only days after Premier Gladys Berejiklian’s shock resignation - saying it was “the right time to hand over the reins”.
Barilaro steps down because "racism" is too much to bear.. cough lol

The weak & pathetic Barilaro cited "raaaaaciiiiisiiiiiiim" when talking about his accusers which is so pants down weak its unbelievable.

Considering he is (no WAS) the second most powerful monkey in government and he stands in tears about a private citizen with almost zero more than community support, pulling his mighty state backed pants down and exposing his tiny small and limp morals and ethics committee.

Not only this mans corruption was exposed it is an apt visualisation of the  pathetic state of affairs in Australian Politics.

No WONDER they are desperately trying to silence citizen journalists who cannot be bought off like the captured Australian Media who are no longer the 4th estate holding power to account.

Please consider helping and protect people like the #AussieCossack and #FriendlyJordies


While I don't agree with allot of what youtube journalist "friendlyjordies" says. He is and has been SPOT ON with his assessment of both Barilaro and Berejiklian in recent times. Both are corrupt through and through and most likely both have endorsed setting Australian Special Branch onto private citizens for daring to ask questions and expose the corruption in their government.

Bevor Sie zu YouTube weitergehen
Gladys Berejiklian resigns with trademark pugnaciousness, and no regrets | Anne Davies
If the outgoing NSW premier is worried about the anti-corruption hearing into her conduct, she doesn’t show it
Corruption - Professor Kristine Macartney NSW Expert Witness received millions in grant monies
Don’t Look now but Prof Kristine Macartney got a shittone of cash in the last 2 years. If this is not corruption then what the fuck is? The Bad Professor is an expert witness in the legal case against “Brad Health Hazzard” in the case against mandatory vaccination in Australia.

Oh by the way

The vaccine does not prevent infection...