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Just an unbelievable watch from a "good honest member" of the AU government?

The blockading and contrarianism in this hearing is embarrassing and revealing of racket in Australia regarding vaccination and statistics. So much so that the responsible parties blockage and prevent public enquiry at all costs.

This is not a good sign

By the way, Australian Doctors ARE being incentivised to vaccinate you

Payments and requirements
The COVID-19 Vaccine General Practice Incentive is paid quarterly.

PIP eligible practices will receive $10 for each patient who has received both a first-dose and second-dose assessment service at the same practice. A maximum of one incentive payment is payable per patient.

Your practice will be eligible for payment on successful processing by Services Australia of the second-dose assessment service for a patient.

General Practitioners claiming assessment services must be linked to the main or additional PIP practice location.

A Rural Loading does not apply for the COVID-19 Vaccine General Practice Incentive.

Payments cannot be made in relation to patients who have received a first-dose and seconddose assessment service at a practice that was not registered to participate in the PIP.

The COVID-19 temporary MBS items are not counted for the purposes of the Standardised
Whole Patient Equivalent (SWPE) calculations.

The Germans do it too

Doctors being incentivised
How much is your vaccination worth to doctors? In Germany the numbers are as follows; this original document is in German; > COMPENSATION The Federal Ministry of Health stipulates the amount of remuneration for medicalservices for COVID-19 vaccination in its Coronavirus Vaccination Ordinance. …


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New Incentive payment for GPs vaccinating aged care and disability workers
The Practice Incentive Payment – in-reach residential aged care and disability support worker COVID-19 vaccination payment is now available for GPs to support the administration of in-reach vaccination clinics to aged care and disability support workers. The payment is available until 31 October 202…

Just for laughs