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Sorry, but we have been saying so for a long time now.. Don't get vaxed it will only affect you badly in the long run.

3 symptom clusters of permanently affected people

  1. neurological
  2. respiratory
  3. cardiological

Most people who got this, did so recently (ie. after the vax rollout) are affected by the symptoms quite severely.

The original strain did not exhibit this cluster effect.

Reduction in grey matter thickness... yes.. thats not great

And these symptoms are permanent..

So here is the 1M dollar question: Of what percentage of the long covid severe affected are vaccinated and to what degree? My money is 100% and 3x+ and i bet almost no unvaccinated got it.. sorry but "thems the data"

Oh! and when they say "we don't know if its affecting only the vaccinated or not" it means that yes.. it is..

Or if they say "we don't believe there are any differences between the vaccinated or unvaccinated being affected, it seems 'equal'" lol you know thats a lie on multiple levels

This game is no longer new, you should know the rules by now.