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Germans never protest, they simply don't. It's not in their nature. The Germans are stoic, sturdy nation and very rarely lose their shit (unlike the French for example).

Update: 25.08.2021

Nils Melzer - UN Special Rapporteur on Torture; Human Rights Chair, Geneva Academy; Professor of International Law, University of Glasgow; Vice-President IIHL, Sanremo and twitter wont verify him after hes going after the police involved in the human rights incidents

Update: 03.08.2021

UN Special Rapporteur On Torture Requests Info On German Police Brutalizing Anti-Lockdown Protesters
...elderly woman thrown to floor by her throat...

The German Police in Berlin need to have their backs lashed for this behaviour! There is NO excuse for preventing citizens from the ONLY means of public dissent available in a functioning democracy!

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However, on Sunday 01.08.2021 a protest took place in Berlin despite it being "Forbidden" by the state.

COVID: Berlin court bans anti-lockdown protests | DW | 31.07.2021
Judges in the German capital have moved to ban a number of weekend demonstrations amid fears they will lead to a rise in coronavirus infections. Police expect protesters to travel to Berlin nonetheless.
Judges in the German capital have moved to ban a number of weekend demonstrations amid fears they will lead to a rise in coronavirus infections. Police expect protesters to travel to Berlin nonetheless.

Which is a little strange considering that not a week earlier the Pride parade took place with some 80,000 participants.

Thousands March for LGBTQ Rights at Berlin Parade
Some 35,000 revelers marched for LGBTQ rights at Berlin’s annual Christopher Street Day celebration on Saturday, twice as many as expected.

Now, the rational might say "oh the courts were right, the covid protestors wont wear masks and wont socially distance". Which generally speaking is true; However, it must be stated quite clearly... sweet F*ck all social-distancing and/or mask wearing took place at the pride parade.

Berlin Pride: Alle Infos zur CSD-Saison 2021
Was passiert in und um Berlin in der Pride-Saison 2021? Was wurde in diesem Jahr aus CSD, Stadtfest und Co? Hier findet ihr die aktuellen Infos!
Cmon Guys, a little social distance please, and yeah granted theres a few masks there.. but i guess the rainbow chases corona away or something

Now, One might say that the German courts are completely Hypocrites, but that would be understating it. It's a blatant move to silence the dissent and a step closer to the totalitarian Chinese state the western govs are so desperate to emulate for some weird fucking reason.

You know something is desperately wrong. When 10,000 Germans  attend a protest explicitly forbidden by the state - thereby breaking the unwritten German rule of "Ordnug muss Sein" and risk being called "#Querdenker" by the #KonformDenker (and thus #Brownshirts) - Querdenker is a dreaded title in Germany, because to think laterally and outside-of-conformity in Germany implies there is something wrong with you, as the mass-mind could...never.. be.. wrong... (except y'know... that little... nazi thing... and like the DDR thing and...) - as well as risk being beaten up by the German Police..  well.. then you know it, there is something seriously wrong in paradise.

Ordnung Muss Sein, even if they look like Nazis

Here are some wonderful examples of the German Police fucking up these disgusting #Querdenker

German man dies after being arrested during Berlin anti-vax protest
Hundreds of people were detained at the protests this weekend, many of which had been banned by local authorities
Surely, a few German Cops must have been thinking this?

Civic Ethics 101 Lesson: in any democracy, protest is just about the ONLY tool that allows people to express their dislike of a regimes policy. If that right is explicitly forbidden, the amount of courage it takes to stand up to the state is phenomenal and that moment in time becomes foreboding.

These are not just Querdenker they are literally buffers against totalitarianism

Please notice the mask being worn here ;) The German court was WRONG

Something to think about.

Whats that wonderfully crazy American saying:

The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.
- Thomas Jefferson

PS! I am VERY pro-pride.. so don't even start that shit.
Isn't it sad I have to make a statement like that above?