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ouch.. when the cure is worse than the disease...

read.. any of these.. lots and lots of bad news.. menstrual issues.. weeks of plain and "flu-like" symptoms and worse.

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Vaccines are here! Many types, from many manufacturers, at different times, for different people and in different places. Lets talk about...
  • mostly from neurotic online lock ins
  • notice the robotic template responses.. "im sorry you in pain.. but think how good you feel.. its just your body reacting this is good"... etc ad nauseam

Just read the side effects

Possible Side effects from Vaccines | CDC
Possible Side-effects from Vaccines
J&J privately asked rival COVID-19 vaccine makers to probe clotting risks
AstraZeneca was interested in joining forces to investigate the safety issue and communicate vaccine benefits and risks, but Pfizer and Moderna didn’t see the need for group action
Mississippi man partially paralyzed, unable to talk after J&J vaccine
A Mississippi man who experienced a blood clot after receiving the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine, has been left paralyzed on one side and unable to talk, his family said. Brad Malagarie, 4…