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In an "unbelievable" turn of events it seems that bean-counter Jens Spahn got a visit from Bill Gates in 2018 where they discussed vaccines and their profitability for the good of mankind...

At the time Spahn was Minister for Finance (a position for which he was qualified) and in the same year (2018) he switched portfolio and became the German Federal Minster for Health.... and we must now trust this guzzler.

Spahn now is in direct contradiction with an actual qualified doctor and medical organisation.

Dr Hofmeister, Head of of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians "KBV" says to "end the horror restrictions and panic propaganda of the pandemic" but head monkey and potential future "Merkel" replacement "Mr(s) Spahn" says "nah, screw your science there is too much money to be made"

Billy Goats visit in 2018 has NOTHING to do with this current mess.

Visit from software giant @BillGates today at @jensspahn
The two spoke about innovations in healthcare and the importance of vaccination for global healthcare. To the short interview:

How the hell does a lawyer join the Health Ministry with 0 medical expertise in 2018 and by 2019 is being pushed by world health summit as the next German PM? Oh thats right by selling-out to whoever pays the most!

This is of course what you would expect from a fat-foreheaded ex-bank-teller with 0 expertise to make medical decisions for his dog, let alone the whole Bundesrepublik. Honestly look at that mug it just makes me want to slap it.

Jens Spahn - Wikipedia
Spahn was born on 16 May 1980 in Ahaus, North Rhine-Westphalia. He grew up with his two younger siblings in the village of Ottenstein in the north of Westmünsterland.[7] Spahn graduated in 1999 from the Episcopal Canisius school in Ahaus. In 2001 he completed an apprenticeship as a banker at the Westdeutsche Landesbank, and worked until 2002 as a bank clerk. In 2003, Spahn began studying political science and law at the University of Hagen. In 2008, he obtained a bachelor's degree, followed by a master's degree in the same field in 2017.[8]

The answer of course is that after his conversation with Gates and probably a visit to Epstine's farm he was fast tracked.

Further questions for reporters

  • What did Spahn's travel log look like after that meeting?
  • What did his phone call and meeting list look like?
  • Website addresses visited?
  • Can this data be requested of a public employee?

The Traitor to the German people speaks on this inauguration into the Health Ministry he is a self-declared Querdenker

No Querdenken allowed anymore hey Spahn you cum-guzzler

KBV saying enough with the nonsense

KBV-Vertreterversammlung: Hofmeister fordert „Schluss mit...
Berlin – Der stellvertretende Vorstandsvorsitzende der Kassenärztlichen Bundesvereinigung (KBV), Stephan Hofmeister, hat auf der heutigen Vertreterversammlung... #KBV #COVID19
Head doctor of the chamber of medicine KBV says to end the corona restrictions but Spahn says nah fuck your science
The deputy chairman of the board also criticized the rush of politics with booster vaccinations: "The lower demand for first vaccinations should now be compensated with booster vaccinations for those who have already been immunized." With a new vaccination ordinance, politicians create facts before the medical facts are on the table. In this regard, he was relying on an early recommendation from the Standing Vaccination Commission, emphasized Hofmeister.

Let me paraphrase that.. "Politicians are capitalising on the situation filling their pockets and as always, are are lying to the people"

KBV Expects corona to be "over" in 2022... i mean really

Spahn saying no! there is your money and my politics here:

I am still searching for the article here... but onwards.. stay on the oppressive diktats from the future nazi-in-chief.. I'm waiting to hear about new camps being built in Germany as they are in Canada and Australia

Here is his WEF profile, surprise yes he's part of the "Great Reset" too

Jens Spahn - Agenda Contributor
Bank clerk and political scientist. 1995, joined the Young Union (youth section of the CDU/CSU); 1997, joined the CDU. 2002, first elected to the German Bundestag, representing the Steinfurt I/Borken I constituency. Since 2005, Chairperson, Borken county branch of the CDU. 2009-15, served as Health …

Meanwhile, Bremen

The highest "vaccination" rates in Germany also the highest incidence rate. But, in Saxony the lowest "vaccination" rate also the lowest incidence rate.. Strange that.


Kassenärzte fürchten neuen Impf-Ansturm
Bundesgesundheitsminister Spahn setzt auf die Kreuzimpfung. Wer zuerst eine Dosis Astrazeneca bekommt, soll anschließend mit einem mRNA-Präparat vor der Delta-Variante geschützt werden. Was bedeutet die Änderung für die deutsche Impfkampagne? Die wichtigsten Entwicklungen im Überblick.
German doctors, do not agree with the political direction
Statutory health insurance doctors are calling for a Stiko recommendation for a third corona vaccination
Health Minister Spahn had already suggested so-called booster vaccinations weeks ago. Doctors are now demanding “fact-based decisions” from Stiko.
German doctors demand fact based guidance
Spahn’s plans against the fourth corona wave are causing resistance - Archytele
Dhe proposals by Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) to ward off a fourth corona wave…
Resistance is one way of putting it.. the doctors are pissed
Just incase those assholes delete the tweet