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TLDR; If the tests are free again, don't use them. Deny the machine its data and it will starve and they will fall.

Her Holiness Merkel the great, descended today onto the German province Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW)  - the last time she was there, it was political as she was to show face and solidarity for the victims of the terrible floods of 2021 - and before that a long time ago.

Today she announced that the "unvaccinated" will be "subject to much harsher restrictions". (as the rest of the world is fagging around about).

She also announced that "testing" in NRW will be "cost-free" again for the vaccinated? which makes no sense at all...

Why would she do this? I hear you ask..

As surely they are trying to punish the "unvaccinated" by forcing them to pay for tests! ok, but the vaccinated have to test now too? lol

But no.. clearly they have lost the narrative.

  • made unvaccinated citizens start paying for tests
  • not enough were doing the tests and the case rate fell
  • they lost the narrative.
  • so now the vaccinated have to take (free) tests too...

How much longer does this farce continue?

This is not about the health of a country.. this is about control and politics... The are planning something disgusting.. and you need to resist now.

Don't feed the machine

My dear Germans don't feed the machine.. don't go get tested.. abstain for a few weeks and let the machine starve.

Simply put: Deny the fascists their narrative

loooooooow CFR very low.. .too low infact


but wait this is good right?


arrraghhhh the cases the cases the cases... lol stupid fucks look at the CFR


hmmmm thats not good right? but what low cfr high cases.. whats the only other metric that could be causing the excess mortality i wonder? hmmmmm


9 tests for every 1 covd+ sooo this is good right?


Angela Merkel you are either a lying whore a traitor to your people and complicit in this madness, or your advisers need their arses handed to them.

More on Spahn and his outright corruption.. he switched his ministerial portfolio to health from finance, almost immediately after a visit from BillyGoats!

German “government” - Science is pointless - KBV says no to Spahn’s insane 3rd dose strategy but Bill Gates had a conversation with Spahn in 2018 and now Spahn sets policy.
Bill Gates visits a Banker in 2018 and they talk about Vaccination. And next that banker is head of German Ministry of Health.
Read the corruption

If you want the gory BIllyGoats details read this

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grants Database - Covid19 “plandemic” was designed and initiated by Bill & co and his purchased”Journalists” and Scientists.
In 2016 billygoats invested almost 2B in mRNA research.. and then a year later in 2017 was “predicting” a viral plague…… hmmmm
Gates is 100% responsible for all of this insanity.


Macht die Tests wieder kostenlos!
Die kostenlosen Corona-Tests wurden abgeschafft, um mehr Menschen zu einer Impfung zu motivieren. Doch das ist schief gegangen. Die Impfquote ist nicht gestiegen, stattdessen steigt die Zahl der Infizierten. Die Tests sollten wieder kostenlos werden.
admitting it didnt work.. just an opinion piece
Merkel: “Es wird starke Einschränkungen für Ungeimpfte geben”
Die vierte Welle rollt mit Macht über das Land. Die Infektionszahlen steigen. Bei Kanzlerin Merkel wächst die Sorge. Bei einem Spitzentreffen der CDU stellt die Kanzlerin nun neue Schritte in Aussicht. Im Fokus - die Ungeimpften.
Stronger restrictions for unvaccinated
So viel kosten jetzt Corona-Tests
Ab heute müssen viele Bürgerinnen und Bürger einen Schnelltest selbst bezahlen. Meist werden pro Test zwischen 15 und 20 Euro aufgerufen. Vereinzelt aber auch wesentlich mehr. Karl Lauterbach begrüßt die Regelung. Andere sind skeptisch.
Before that tests were between 15-20 bucks
Bundesweiter Lockdown 2.0 jetzt offiziell: Das sind die neuen drastischen Corona-Regeln
Kanzlerin Angela Merkel hat einen Corona-Lockdown ab Montag, 2. November, verkündet. Das sind die neuen drastischen Regeln.