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If you think you will "get mah freedom back, if I just take this little vax" then you have not been paying attention. You are in day 555 or so of "it's just 15 days to flatten the curve, whats the problem man", with those "conspiracy" vax-passports that are now a reality. Time to wake the fuck up.

Your freedom rests, not on some privileged slimy rat with political contacts, but instead has been paid for with the blood of your great grandfathers and theirs before them.

Remember the brownshirts and denunciation of innocent people. It may be time to start punching actual nazis reporting their neighbours.

Slap a NAZI day
Nazi Head in a basket
Covid vaccine: Gareth Southgate urges young people to get jab
The England manager says vaccination is a chance to “get your freedom back”.
This tosser can suck a great big fat one. 
Alabama GOP governor says ‘start blaming the unvaccinated folks’ for rise in Covid cases
Alabama Governor Kay Ivey spoke out against the unvaccinated population in Alabama and says it’s time to start blaming them for not doing their part in the pandemic.
This hagged old rag and piss off and kaak it already

The following video is of a "comedian" who later said "it was only a joke" If you believe that and that he's not an agent provocateur then you are an idiot. All it takes is one dickhead to act on this and the powder-keg of history gets set off.

Full-blown Nazi: “It’s time to deal with the unvaxxed and send in the army to pin them down and vaccinate them”
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and fuck this brownshirt in particular.

Violence is the midwife of history and the less chance for peaceful transition the greater the chance of bloody revolution. And the people's patience grows thin and the propaganda is thick and heavy.

  1. You actually think a virus mutates stronger? If so you are an idiot. (if it does its the only virus in 100M years to do so.)
  2. You actually think only the unvaccinated are dying and begging for the vaccine? If so, you are an idiot. they are not testing vaccinated people; so obviously... only the unvaxxedd are being registered and dying of covid; but shh.. many vaxxinated are too... also ps the "dr" that said that.. she's a lying slapper
    and her husband is an idiot (and both are politically driven idiots that bring shame on their profession and should be hauled before a board of medical examiners.

Take your freedom back, fuck these tyrants. Let them know that there will be hell to pay. Or simply suck it up touch your forelock and say yes sir but please don't hurt us whimper and disgrace the memory of your ancestors who got you here.

And remember, the media are not on your side.

So don't be sad when they don't cover the protests, revolutions are not broadcast by those that support and are getting their beans from the oppressors.

in fact they are outright lying to you and using bit networks to babble incessantly about this rubbish narrative.

but dont worry the window is closing.

WATCH: Police Accused of “Fake News” After Video Emerges of Man “Punching” Horse · Caldron Pool
Within minutes the image went viral, with numerous high-profile figures and influencers sharing the photo across social media, as users dubbed the man pictured “the most hated man in Australia tonight.”

Punch this Nazi

This is the only ACTUAL NAZI with NAZI history that needs to get his face smacked shut.

If you see this fat almost dead fuck, tell him he's on my "drink a good one when he kaaks it list" along with kissenger (how is that war criminal still alive?)

But but, the vaccines work

No dear, they don't and if the "other experts" are to believed, you have only a few years left. So enjoy them, go out and be peaceful.

Hey listen just take your shot ok the side-effects are super super rare.

so rare.

so, very, very rare

Pregnant no problem

and indeed who pays when this incredibly safe and effective "vaccine" goes wrong?