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This vile creature has finally "quit" or so we're told. of course he's being replaced by an even more evil sack of shit banker.

Update 16.08.2022

The NHS "sacrificed" the elderly..... because resources. Junior health minister of the UK James Bethal, and promptly told people not to mention it.

Update: 22.11.2021

hancock who lined his pockets with the PPE purcasing scandle also purchased enough midazolam to give your granny .. and to quote him here "a good death"

Did the ‘First Wave’ Mean the Mass Murder of the Elderly With Midazolam? - The White Rose
In March 2020 the British people were told that they must “stay at home” in order to “protect the NHS” and “save lives”. They were also told that the authorities needed just “three weeks to flatten the curve”. Why were the British people instructed to stay at home? Because of the threat of a new an…
Yes that is Klaus "im a nazi" schwab of the wef
Matt Hancock resigns as health secretary after admitting breaking COVID rules
Sky News is an unrivalled, world class breaking news service with a spirit of innovation and a fresh approach to news broadcasting. As the UK’s first dedicated 24-hour news channel, Sky News has built a deserved reputation for being the first to break major news as well as offering insight and analy…

actually, after being called "fucking useless" by his boss the most useless yellow mopped turd monkey ever to be head of an english government (and god knows, that is saying something). Hancock (or as i like to call him Hands-on-cock) was most likely let go because the voices are rising speaking against his role in the murder of the frail and disabled. The phrase "Just following orders" springs to mind, and we know what happened to that generation of Nazis.

As always the press are not asking the right questions

  1. Hancock clearly thought they were unobserved in his office (captain obvious is being obvious?)
  2. Hancock checked the coast was clear before proceeding with his "grabby handy kissy kiss" escapade, during a "strictly no hugs allowed" diktat from the government. So, he's a very norty boy. I mea really this is common in the halls of Westminster. Who there doesn't have a mistress? Coybyn perhaps?
  3. Who put the camera there? - Clearly someone with access, maybe in the same party (Toys honour is, questionable at best more than a few "et tu Brute" moments litter its history). But, more likely Hancock himself "arrange it", as he knows there are lines of enquiry coming and perhaps, he'd rather not be there.
  4. Who leaked the pictures? - Yes yes the low-brow would say "the one that put the camera there, obviously hurr durr", but there are layers to these things and the source of kompromat is important in the chain-of-evidence.
  5. Are there more cameras like it? Where is the outcry from other ministers at this horrific "breech of their privacy". - Curious right? perhaps they wanted him out?
  6. Why is this typical Tory pass-time (ass grabbing and cheating on their Wives), being used to cover his role in the murder of England's most frail and disabled.

Hancock needs criminal charges for murder and conspiracy to murder brought against him.

The PM on Hancock: ‘totally fucking hopeless’
Some evidence re my and Hancock’s testimony to MPs

And of course his "replacement" is one of much higher moral character... Indeed...

Sajid Javid replaces Matt Hancock as health secretary
The former chancellor replaces Matt Hancock, who quit after breaching Covid rules by kissing a colleague.
Labour says Sajid Javid unfit to be chancellor over claims he ‘profited from greed’ that fuelled financial crisis
Javid spent 18 years working in the City before entering politics
Why has Javid been allowed to work for JP Morgan? - BBC News
The ex-chancellor has taken a job with the US bank, six months after resigning from government.
The reek of corruption in British politics will fuel discontent with democracy | Conservatives | The Guardian
Will our politicians call big banks to account if the same firms are likely to feather their nests later, asks journalist and author Peter Geoghegan

Such a man of upstanding civil minded character would never do anything against the British people! right... right?