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the NYT, the old grey lady of news... lied to everyone

Terrifying right? but then you read

Ventilator Sharing during an Acute Shortage Caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic | American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine

and you realise that.. it was a god-damned trial

"The authors thank the patients and families who consented to participate in this public health initiative."

the NYT is a propaganda rag, but that is no surprise. What is a surprise is finding any newspaper that is not some vile parody of the 4th estate.

but but there were shortages... oh really? should have asked these guys for some.

Why are new ventilators being trashed in a Miami-Dade landfill?
A resident who was taking some garbage to the South Dade Landfill was stunned to see pallets full of medical ventilators dumped as bulky trash.