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Just a coincidence that vaccine masters GAVI are pushing the covid pass backed by IBM and other evil companies.

Update: billy boy and is vax companies applying pressure now you got vaxxed you can also get their permission to travel.

News – Good Health Pass Collaborative

Read this sickening corporate buzzword bingo woke nonsense website.. so full of gooey nonsense it makes one a little disorientated.

ID2020 | Alliance & Governance
The ID2020 Alliance is a growing public-private partnership in maximizing the potential of digital ID to improve lives.

I mean just look at that lineup of corruption and disgusting companies of ill repute.

It sounds so nice

Alliance partners share the belief that identity is a human right and that individuals must have “ownership” over their own identity

But then, you notice that in their manifesto, there is NO WAY TO OPT OUT. Also please notice "ownership" is literally in quotation marks... so who owns what? Its like encryption, if you don't have the encryption key.. you don't have any encryption.

ID2020 | Manifesto
Alliance partners share the belief that identity is a human right and that individuals must have “ownership” over their own identity.

Your digital identity is NOT under your control, unless you can opt out; as the right to not be identified is as important as the requirement (by authorities) to be identified.

and then you realise that GAVI is immune from prosecution on an international scale.

GAVI recognised as international institution
The GAVI Alliance, which has been hosted by UNICEF since it was launched in 2000, has become an independent international institution - the first organisation to receive such recognition under the new Swiss Host State Act.

A very interesting read from the academics at the University of Amsterdam

Digital Academic Repository - University of Amsterdam

the absence of legal personality of global health public-private partnerships under international law means that these partnerships fall outside the framework of responsibility under international law. This ability to escape responsibility under international law may cause one to wonder whether responsibility is better found in domestic legal systems. The obstacle with this avenue, however, is that despite domestic law being applicable to these partnerships, these partnerships, in certain instances, enjoy immunity from the jurisdiction of domestic courts.

beware! Be very aware of anything pushed by these evil dire corrupt companies, there be dragons