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AU has relatively few "cases" against a place like DE for instance (yes population is far larger in DE which should also tell you something about proportionality in a pandemic, use your noggin here).

  • hundreds in the ICU
  • very wide age range: from 50 y/o to a single teenager
  • some ventilated (are we still doing this?)
  • all 2x vaccinated
  • except 1 who had only the first shot

Is this not obvious yet?

Oh its covid its covid I hear you say, no my dear its not covid.. it's the vaccine.

The cat is out of the bag

Mark McCowen Premier of Western Australia, defies logic and admits that you msut get vaccinated to protect but you cant travel interstate because you might kill people? WTF

Just get vaxed you cunt

And if you think once you are vaccinated it will just go away and back to normal becomes possible

have i got news for you

COVID boosters likely for years to come: Pharmacy Guild
Pharmacists and doctors are likely to play a key role in convincing the vaccine-hesitant to get the jab.
sesame street post vax side effects

When will we hold him and the rest of them accountable?

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Concentration camps