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Make no mistake this is a conspiracy against us all. Yes people are being killed at a rate that calls into question the "cure should not be worse than the disease"

Simply go watch the news and the interviews with the "Experts" how they answer why "fully-vaccinated" Israel - held up to the light for being the first nation to force vaccinate everyone and they that are a shining beacon of.... of.. success, I guess. But Israel is suffering a swell of covid-19 breakthroughs for fully vaccinated and young ones suffering massive heart problems.

Oh its rare i hear them say very very rare... but emergency meetings are assembled to discuss and then the WHO states under 18s should not be vaccinated and then the next day remove that from the headline.. this is NOT NORMAL.

You know it, I know it but most of the "believers/Non-playing-characters" are too afraid to say it; this is a terrorist attack and a conspiracy of power. The people meant to be protecting the public health are deliberately misleading and outright lying to us; and in some cases commiting wilful murder.

An associate of mine recently reported that in their region there are 0 (zero) hospitalised corona cases.. But the ICU and Emergency are at ~85% capacity; mainly with respiratory, myocardial, cerebral and thrombosis emergencies.

This is VERY concerning for the summer months!

The numbers for my associates region

Another region close-by in-fact the region where covid started in Germany,

  1. covid patient on ventilation but the ICU beds are at 89%?

So who is occupying the ICU beds?

The following image is of 19 Patients in a hospital in one of the above regions. All double vaccinated. A mixed range of ages (29-84) suffering from

This is no joke... The vaccinated are filling up the ICU beds, this needs to be investigated NOW. Before we really hit Biden's "Dark Winter".


Start asking questions people.


Israel renews indoor COVID mask mandate as delta variant spreads
Coronavirus czar, Dr. Nachman Ash, says that while cases are rising, he does not believe that Israel is entering a fourth wave and doesn’t plan on imposing new lockdowns