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Sigh, what to say here

“I’d been out with four friends last Tuesday night. One, who complained he was feeling crook by the end of the night, informed us the next morning that he’d returned a positive RAT,”

So let me get this right, after 2 years of utter utter oppression by your government and being forced vaxed 3x (probably), all of you idiots went out with one of you saying you feel "crook" but thought because you were vaxed you were safe.

Well some lessons to be learned and its certainly not for further lockdowns mate.

Clearly Western Australia has not yet got the memo.

  1. The vax does not work, no matter how many of them you take.
  2. In fact, taking more "vaccines" will see you more sick more often.
  3. Oh by the way, if you bother to ask the unvaccinated in WA they are all feeling absolutely fine there is no "omicron Ba 5." variant causing havoc amongst them.
  4. Perhaps theres a lesson there "Flinty"? Maybe even a story?
Oh no.. if you are vaccinated you are gonna get more sick more often
‘I got COVID TWICE in three weeks,’ warns Perth journo
The West Australian investigative journalist John Flint told how he was first infected on June 14. But, just a few weeks later he was hit with a ‘second blast’ of the virus.