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#DownWithDanAndrews #DenyTheTyrants

Have your say and send and email of support to the man that will help block the bill in Victoria Australia

email the main that is going to hopefully block the bill


Dear Sir,

on behalf of many Australians both at home and overseas I implore you to please vote for what is right and to support freedom for all people.

I ask you to stand against tyranny and to help the people of Australia resist this unprecedented and completely uncalled for power grab that will see us using "concentration camps" and oppressing people with a medical apartheid state.

These atrocious new "values" are not the values our grand-parents sacrificed for and they are certainly not Australian.

With much respect
Your Name Here


Somyurek: Why I’m not supporting pandemic Bill
The pandemic has demonstrated the importance of state government in the Australian federation and the impact its coercive powers can have on Victorians lives.