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Update: 06.06.2031

oh look india is opening up again not thanks to vaccines but thanks to ivermectin

India to ease lockdown rules as coronavirus case numbers decline
India reported 114,460 new coronavirus infections on Sunday, the lowest in two months, while the death toll increased by 2,677, as parts of the country prepared to ease movement restrictions.

Update: 05.06.2021

allot more studies proving it works wonders

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Clinical evidence expressed by qualified and practical field experience. This is "the science" in the field in action; Ivermectin works and thus the Emergency Use is no longer valid and the corruption is exposed.

Ivermectin in COVID-19 | FLCCC | Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance
The MATH+ Hospital Treatment Protocol for Covid-19 is a physiologic-based combination treatment regimen created by leaders in critical care medicine.
Landing page - British Ivermectin Recommendation Development group
Ivermectin is a safe medicine that is proving to be effective in the fight against Covid 19 Help us get it approved and save many lives in the UK and around the world. Please Donate… Join our Mailing List British Ivermectin Recommendation Development BIRD is campaigning for UK approval for ivermecti…
Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of Delhi cases
This week in the Imperial Valley: • Imperial County remembers lost loved ones due to COVID-19 • 4–H members compete for best dog skills • Local softballer is surprised at bat – To read more about these stories visit: Don’t forget to follow The Desert Review’s social media a…
Mercifully they used it (ivermectin), and they saved Delhi. But tragically, Tamil Nadu did not, and their state was devastated. Their new cases rose from 10,986 to 36,184 – a tripling.
No one can hide that. Their refusal to use Ivermectin harmed them. Not only did Tamil Nadu's cases rise to the highest in India, but their deaths skyrocketed from 48 on April 20 to 474 on May 27 – a rise of ten-fold.
Meanwhile, Delhi's deaths IN THE SAME PERIOD fell from 277 to 117.