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It simply is...

and now in NZ "Mystery Cases" spontaneous cases.. from the injected.. i wonder what the mystery is?

New Zealand Covid update: mystery case emerges in Auckland with no known link to outbreak
Asymptomatic woman isolating after testing positive but having no apparent exposure to another case or hotspot, as daily cases fall to 11
The ministry of health confirmed on Thursday night that the woman presented to Middlemore hospital’s emergency department for a health issue unrelated to Covid-19. She did not have any symptoms and answered all Covid screening questions in the negative, indicating she had had no exposure to anyone with the virus, nor had been at any location of interest.

Or, Occams Razor says: maybe the test was wrong? But keep up the panic you numpties.

Australian and American doctors ans nurses banned from discussing the issues

If you believe your government you are a little slow.

Here are some brave nurses talking sense.

Yesterdays heroes are today's monsters; as they who are on the front-lines no-longer believe the narrative having seen too much.. but go ahead, numpties keep believing and vilifying

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Having to explain "Peak" to too many numpties got tiring

Granted the source for this data is not present.. However go do some work yourself what am i your teacher?