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I wonder if these retards have any idea how freaking stupid they look, googly eyed with open box of doughnuts burgers crisps.. Truthfully the jokes write themselves.

#TheLowestDenomiators Eating their way to "Health™"

Don't be stupid folks, there is no pandemic there is only propaganda pushing you towards a digital id.. and social credit score. The rest is very very poor theatre.


As above, cocaine-eyes here is trying to get you fatsos to take up his offer of a lifetime of booster shots in exchange for this one single doughnut. #GoodDeal?



In typical low-class new-york style (smelling of piss with the chance of rape) this inbred imbecile makes a play at your lifetime of health in exchange for an oily soggy burger with undercooked fries... #OneTimeOnly


California, is made of money, therefor appealing to the poor via a 1-chance-in-20M to win some cash (which you will have to use to pay for your hospitalisation bills afterwards) is regarded as an economic stimulus package by some and a cheap low-class incentive from one of the most vapid people in government. But they wont do anything about the human shit on the way to pick up your pumpkin spice latte.. so fuck you.

I mean really, Joints which leads to munchies which leads to another booster so you can get your doughnut which leads to another shot for a burger which leads to another shot... but you get nothing... which leads to another shot... hey.. where my bu.. shut up citizen show me your papers.

Lotteries, Doughnuts, Joints: The Weird Incentives to Get People Vaccinated
The nation’s drive toward herd immunity gets creative.

Maybe they should try giving away animals as pets?

Oh wait..

NSW council shoots dead rescue dogs due to Covid-19 rules
Regional NSW council shoots dead pound dogs due to be rescued over Covid-19 infection fears