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So, hearing your feedback on the topic; I decided indeed to email Dr Cheryl Walter (Rhodes Scholar) of the University of Hull in the UK and ask them "specifically" about the "kettle of fish statement"

I wait with bated breath for a response

Good day to you Dr Walter,

   recently, I came across your comments on the pfizer medication ivermectin equivalent fact-check at reuters.

Firstly thank you for putting yourself "out there" and making a professional statement on the topic. I am aware of your involvement at the University with the covid-pandemic and find your input admirable specifically

As a private individual with an interest in seeing progress made in bringing this pandemic situation to an agreeable close I am excited at the potential for prophylactic and additional covid-19 treatments beyond the current strategy. I would love to get your more detailed opinion on the topic, as for whatever reason reuters did not - I suspect - provide your complete statement?


“Pfizer’s drug has protease inhibitor activity like ivermectin, but they are a very different kettle of fish on a variety of levels,”

While I realise there are NDAs etc at play here, I'd like to ask for any additional information you can provide regarding:

1. in which other levels does the new drug differ?
2. and how so?
3. Additionally I would be very interested in learning your involvement with the new pfizer treatment and through which avenues?

While I appreciate you are most likely very busy, I would appreciate any time you could give my enquiry.

Thank you sincerely from another Capetonian (Wineberg Boy)

Robert M

Part I.

Pfizermectin - the way out and kettles of fish from a scientist
However lets be clear that if “kettles of fish” is a valid scientific measure then I need to ask Dr Cheryl Walter of the Uni Hull for an explanation.

Part III

pfizermectin ptIII - refreshingly honest response
Well, it does seem there are some decent scientists out there Hi Robert Thanks for your email and it’s always nice to hear from another Saffa. No, Reuters took some sound bites from my statement but I was still happy with the bits they included. Also, I have no conflict


Dr Cheryl Walter
Dr Cheryl Walter at the University of Hull