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After almost 2 years of this bullshit; it looks like those absolute wet retards at Pfizer took Joe Rogan's advice and developed a minor different ivermectin variant, which may actually be the way out of this god-awful mess and let those penny sniffers at pfizer have their way with your purse.

Fact Check-Pfizer’s trial COVID-19 drug is not the same as ivermectin
An article shared hundreds of times on social media claims a new COVID-19 preventative drug being trialed by Pfizer is “suspiciously similar” to ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medication that the World Health Organization (WHO), European and United States regulators have...

as always reuters "fact-check" is a laugh

Missing context. The two drugs are different and do not use the same mechanism.

of course they back this up with this completely useless statement

“Pfizer’s drug has protease inhibitor activity like ivermectin, but they are a very different kettle of fish on a variety of levels,” said Dr Cheryl Walter, a virologist at the University of Hull.

And "that's it".. that.. is.. the fact check.. "vastly different kettles of fish"... how big the kettle is what its composed of or even what kind of fish, are they dead or alive? none of these questions occur to the entrepid "journalists" at reuters..

So its the same.. but different (in name at least) and probably has 1 or 2 molecules difference.

However, let's be clear that if "kettles of fish" is a valid scientific measure then I need to ask Dr Cheryl Walter of the Uni Hull for an explanation. (The same Dr Cheryl Walter, has a scientific measure of 0! papers ever published btw).

Of course, how it is that a relatively unpublished and unknown virology professor could have an opinion on the pfizer composition which no doubt is being kept very close to pfizers chest, is a question that needs to be asked! .. she is a Rhodes scholar tho, so that perhaps ... is a hint.

Lets hope this works out, because to hell with getting this ghastly injection.

And screw you for trying to make me feel I need to protect you... that's your job and the job of your precious injection.

  • almost 2 years of this utter utter retarded nonsense
  • traveled all over Western Europe
  • I know of 2 people that got "covid" and a week later were recovered.
  • I know 2 myocarditis cases post 2nd vax (14 and 18 days)
  • I have witnessed first hand now 2 cases of young people at sport, spontaneously falling to the ground with uncontrollable muscle spasms for 1-3 minutes; both within 20 minutes of one another and both a week after their voluntary but mandatory for work injection.
  • I assisted in public as an old lady fell to the ground and suffered the same uncontrollable shaking ... its not cool
  • I am aware of at least 3 cases of people being not able to work due to the not that rare "very rare" side-effects...

F*ck this "vaccine", stick it all the way up your fish kettle

Pfizermectin brought to you by the same people that bring you all your news media

Part II - asking teh SciEnce

pfizermectin pt.II - Talking to “Teh SciEnCe
I asked the good Dr about the kettle of fish and the properties of said kettle, fish and liquids involved. They have an honest face I hope they respond.

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Dr Cheryl Walter
Dr Cheryl Walter at the University of Hull