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If you want to sell more of something, have it spoken about allot and publicly start fights over the unavailability of the material and then watch sales soar.

How to Use Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Persuasion to Boost Conversions
“Influence,” by Robert Cialdini, is a marketer’s bible. Find out how to use Cialdini’s 6 persuasion principles to boost conversions.
We’re likelier to purchase something if we’re informed that it’s the “last one” or that a “special deal” will soon expire. In short, we hate to miss out, and that fear is a powerful motivator to encourage us to act quickly.

Australia is trying to use the same technique that was used in the USA and Europe, desperately trying to make it seem that there is a shortage and there is so much demand for their disgusting "gene-therapy".

Even going so far as to make Gulag-Gladys and Dictator-Dan fight it out over "supply".. Its so pathetically transparent.. please don't fall for this crap.

They will get you onto "boosters" for the rest of your life (however short that may be) and you will have to use a "passport" to gain access to anything at all and you will descend into an authoritarian dictatorship.. stop it now.

Don't fall for it, its f*cking bullshit. The Vax does not work.. look at Israel and now Germany's head virus propaganda and numbers fakery "Drosten" saying the vaccinated need to get infected with covid-19 so that their immunity is improved..

It's a joke, don't be one. Fight back.


I guess we are all now "Conspiracy Theorists"

My reaction to almost everything these days.. I told you so!

Gonna have to admit it eventually

You have been tricked and the time is coming where you will admit it, at least to yourself.
The unvaccinated are the voices of doubt sitting in the back of the vaccinated’shead. They invoke fear and insecurity and without the validation of their ownchoice from others, how can the vaxxed be sure they are right. And now we know, the sense of doubt and insecurity was 100% right. You have …


Drosten - Get vaccinated or die -actually no, he said “infected” not “die” - engage brain
As always it seems German media is about 4 weeks behind the rest of the world,it’s glorious to watch. The same lines used in Australia and the US are nowbeing used unironically in Germany and its hysterical to see. TLDR; “But DELTA is soooooo much worse than the first virus variant”…