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Excuse me? say what?

Do I need to explain the absurdity of this statement from the future POTUS?

"protect the vaccinated"

What kind of Frankenshot have you idiots signed up for?

The conspiracy theorist in me says: "She's talking about next years massive problem, where the vaccinated will be falling over in droves due to their immune compromised condition".

But he's usually wrong, thank goodness.



While you are here

If it’s not obvious to you yet, the vax is going to kill millions
Let me draw you a picture.. British politicians are exempt from vaccines and the vaccine passport Covid passports not expected to apply to MPs in the Commons, Speaker announcesMPs have warned ministers that it would be “outrageous” to makeCovid vaccine passports a requirement for MPs to attend …
Have you noticed the cough yet?
All the injected that I know, have a constant subtle “cough cough”. A real quickalmost unnoticeable, but constantly present...cough. I wonder what it is? Maybe get a d-daimer test done, you may be micro-clotting. I did say. medical outcomes over time is how medicine is practiced.. a B shotsme…
I’ll say it louder the Frankenvax don’t work and you are an idiot to trust it
Just wait next you will get more sick than you have ever been, as a result oftrusting this crap. Oh and your monthly subscription to pfizer/moderna/whateverfor your “keep me alive jabs” against the blood/clots or prion disease. Update: Aug 19 2021 Jabbed adults infected with Delta ’can match vir…