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A recent medium post illustrates quite clearly how dense people have become.

This apparently is avant garde, in modern thought.

How One French Mom Forever Changed The Way I Go to the Beach
On one hand, it’s cool water, beautiful scenery, and a refreshing breeze. It’s beautiful summer days, long-legged shorebirds, and endless opportunities for day drinking. On the other hand, going to…

Terrifying how dense we are, perhaps the top guys are right and we should reduce the useless-eaters? but how to ensure we and immediates remain unaffected.

Oh yes, I know how;

1. don't watch the tv,

2. don't believe a damned thing a politician says, and

3. if "they" suddenly start pushing for everyone to do a single thing dangling free cake in front of you to do it and promising your "return to normal" (it will never be normal again if you take up their "offer"; you dense morons) certainly by all means do it but expect to be classified as a useless-eater and good luck to you.