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Amazing interview...  just .. amazing.. Christ I hope he has protection.

Nobody should sleep on this video. It's a must see. The parts that gave me chills:

1. When Regan was reluctant to pass a law that gave vaccine companies complete liability against vaccine injuries he said "why don't you just make the vaccines safe" response from big pharma, "because vaccines are unavoidably unsafe". Yep right there case and point against mandates.

2. Kennedy "none of the 72 vaccines that are mandated for our children have ever been safety tested in pre-clinical trials." He brought this to Freudci and he said "that's not true". He then met with them in front of the Washington Observer to which Robert Kennedy said it again, and they said "there have been trials". Kennedy asked "then show me", because he'd requested then under Freedom of information act. "We'll get it to you", they said and never did, so he sued them. After being sued SSH finally admitted they didn't have such data, like "yeah shit you caught us and you can't do shit, anyway..."

3. Basically the healthcare system just said, we'll give out vaccines (during COVID), and find out then, if people are harmed.

4. VAERS was basically designed to fail, it under reports by over 99%. A study was conducted that proves this, using a machine that could count the amount of vaccine injuries. They were going to use this machine to further test others, but when the CDC saw this they killed the study. They then went on to avoid further questions about why they stopped the study by the team studying the adverse effects of vaccines.

By the end I was in tears. There is nothing in what he said that can't be verified, so no one can claim it's misinformation, because it's public record, for now. I'm going to get this book, it worth the read.