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During the lockdown protest of Sep 22, 2021 in Melbourne Australia. The protesters were forced to retreat out of Melbourne city, by anti-terrorism forces and the SOC of the NWO. Honest hard working citizens had the anti-terrorist forces and Special Operations Command set on shooting them in the backs as they ran away.

The Spirit of the ANZACS is a memory that is synonymous with the Australian Battler and kindred in its nature for fighting against the "forces of evil".

Hoping to call on this memory of comradeship and survival by taking refuge at the memorial, the protesters found themselves immediately betrayed by the RSL and left to defend themselves from the anti-terror squads shooting rubber bullets and beating civilians as if Australia was a russian state.

The bronze adorned parade ready but battle lacking medal wearing fake-warriors have shown their true colours and betrayed the Australian Spirit.

This is a historic and sad day for Australia and the Australian people! Shame on the media, shame on the RSL and shame on the police and SOC.

Et tu Brute?

A statement from a "terrorist"

Clearly not a terrorist....

Actions of the real terrorists

Watch as Hard working Australians are rounded up and marched off by the black suited storm troopers of the new world order. Fuck this new normal.

Listen to the propaganda as it spews from these vile media talking heads.. These are not terrorists! These are really sacred Australian citizens who have been denied pay and work and must be coerced into submitting to an "involuntary voluntary vaccination" what in God's name is going on?

Do you know what this symbol means?

Terrorists.... all of em
What doe s a predator do.. it hunts..

These are softboy attempts because "punisher" was taken by the americans... typical smoothbrain aussie coppers..

Honestly any dumb fuck that wears this is so ridiculous .. you are hunting... unarmed unarmoured members of the public.. you are a DISGRACE.. and I pray you are "hunted in kind and tried before a jury of your peers".

Whats the colour of a 2 cent piece?
coppa... coppa...
whats the colour of a 2 cent piece? all coppas are......

If by controversial you mean shooting unarmed protestors in the back as they ran away then yes.

And ScoMo you are wrong these men and women EMBODY the spirit of the ANZACs and once again YOU the government abuse and deny them. SHAME ON THE AUSTRALIAN REGIME

They will serve you surf-n-turf but f*ck you if you fight against the forces of evil.

I guess this is the true Spirit of the Australian Government. Vicious Betrayal and misuse of their workers.

Anzac betrayed
What happens when the platoon you served in during Vietnam disappears off your military record and you are told it never existed? If you are Don Tate, you fight against the machine and endure years...

Let's see how many helmets come off when the police are forced to get this injection next.

Shocking Anti Terror Squad used against unarmed civilians...

This should make you very angry… they are using anti-terror laws AGAINST YOU..

And if you are one of those "marshmallow-nazis" sitting behind your desk going "hahah they deserved it".. you think this line stops there.. you are a f*cking idiot.

History has sung this song many many times.. you will be next one way or another…