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Serco is one of these names you may be aware of on the periphery but I assure you, they already own your base.

From politicians to hospitals to military support. A posterboy for evil low quality companies.

Some recent good news:

Serco’s FSH sterilisation contract terminated
Serco has been stripped of its contract for sterilisation services at Perth’s Fiona Stanley Hospital, State Health Minister Kim Hames announces.
Dr Hames considered the company's response to the most recent notice which followed the discovery of body tissue on sterilised medical equipment before making the announcement.

One thing you don't want in a sterilisation protocol is for HUMAN FLESH to be left on the f*cking devices. Thats what you get when the lowest bidder tries to keep its costs lower than an ants asshole. Quality slips.

Speaking of Serco having a proven record of providing terrible quality for their profits:

‘Sack Serco’: Government Told To Halt Test And Trace Outsourcing ‘Goldrush’
Labour’s Rachel Reeves urges Boris Johnson to hand work to local public health teams.
The making of a global private security corporate behemoth
Your weekly rundown of news and analysis about the privatization of education, water, and other public goods—and about the people fighting back.
The equally troubled private prison contractor Serco, which was criminally fined for fraudulently tagging inmates, has shown an interest.” [For more on Serco and its efforts to break into the multibillion dollar U.S. Pentagon budget, see #32 below.]

I mean really, they want to get into security and military contracts and they cant even clean the goddamned floors properly? Seriously?

32) National/International: Nick Corbishley has a terrific article on Serco’s efforts to break into the $700 billion U.S. military money trough. He provides background on the government contracting behemoth’s many scandals in the United Kingdom, and suggests Serco may also be trying to get into the U.S. healthcare market. “The test-and-trace program was a disaster from day one. In May, Serco accidentally shared the personal email addresses of nearly 300 trainee COVID-19 contact tracers. Both Serco and Sitel, the two main contractors tasked with running the scheme, then came under fire over allegations that call handlers were reaching less than half of the contacts of people who tested positive for COVID-19. By the summer, things were so bad that the government began delegating more and more of the heavy-duty work to under-funded local authorities while continuing to funnel huge sums of money to private contractors like Serco and Sitel.”
Scandal-Splattered UK Outsourcing Giant, Serco, Sets Sights on the Ultimate Gravy Train: U.S. Defense Contracting | naked capitalism
The company has been repeatedly caught falsifying records, at times on a gargantuan scale. Now it is seeking opportunities in an industry where money routinely disappears in the trillions. What could possibly go wrong?

If you want to know what governments in the commonwealth are so SHIT.. this is one of the very very many reasons.. Low quality providers.

I mean look at this set of bland faced, dull api imitators.

OG Title
OG Description

Only that bunch of ass-hats will now DEMAND payment for LOSING their contract.. What kind of English Government corrupted ball scratching is this?

Serco gets £15m pay off after failing to secure £2bn NHS contract
Health campaign group claims one of the Government’s favoured outsourcing companies demanded payment after losing pathology services deal to a rival

Not since Cameron was caught with his dick in a pig, has the corruption of this quality come to the fore.