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No matter what your stance on covid and its origins; this was some REALLY weird shit they cooked up for the olympic games in London.

Update: 16.08.2022

Well they did it again, yep this time its outright ball/moloch worship, passed off somehow as woman breaking chains as they drag an enormous metal bull with blood dripping from its eyes into Birmingham stadium. Yeah, this shit is a bit messed up tbh

yeah yeah sure its the "bull" of industry that gets tamed by a dreamer who makes all bow before it.... seriously.. im not religious but this is plain as shit in the street.
what the actual.. f
Lol! biatches

In case you tube takes it down here it is again

WTF do kids in a hospital have to do with the fkin olympics?

A black stagecoach with a net drawn by daemonic horses and a daemon driver... competing in shotput I guess?

Nurses all acting in unison robotically, must be girls gymnastics right?

Fkin black glowing luciferian daemons chasing children through the hospital?

Mary Poppins at  08:10 or so.. a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down.... I wonder which medicine they meant, seriously wtf..

And whats with this mishy-mashy baby at the end?

...... yeah.... whats this about? Birth of something new for the world and a kinda orderly maybe?

I recall it was about the formation of the NHS which seemed harmless enough, except there is this.
Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Foundation Trust had high-profile breakthroughs including successful gene-therapy for immune diseases. The trust has one of the 11 Genomics Medicines Centres associated with Genomics England which opened across England in February 2014. All the data produced in the 100,000 Genomes project was made available to drugs companies and researchers “to help them create precision drugs for future generations”
Incredible honour for Great Ormond Street Hospital at London 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony
Some patients and hospital staff from Great Ormond Street Hospital were lucky enough to be involved in the London 2012 Opening Ceremony.