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That disgusting hag Jens Spahn now has raised the doctors bounty for every vaccinated victim.


Yes, you can say its "because the cases the cases".. but motherfucker.. the vaccinations OBVIOUSLY don't fucking work or the cases would be much lower!! So why are they raising the bounty?

This is a genocide.

A reminder to the doctors and nurses out there in Germany, Nuremberg 2.0 is coming... think really hard about that money.

Original German
Translated English
Together for more vaccination protection in autumn and winter

Dear Sir or Madam,

the number of infections is unfortunately at a very high level. We are therefore very grateful that many of you have intensified your efforts in the last few days in order to be able to vaccinate as many people as possible.

In order to contain the pandemic and to protect as many people as possible, vaccinations for previously unvaccinated people are of course just as important as booster vaccinations.

With the booster vaccinations, we would like to ask you to proceed flexibly, also to simplify the processes. The period of six months for complete immunization for people aged 18 and over, as stipulated in the approval, is to be understood as a time guide, which of course does not have to be adhered to to the exact day. You can therefore every patient from the age of 18, even if they do not belong to the risk groups according to the current STIKO recommendation such as older people, residents of care facilities and medical and nursing staff, promptly and before the end of the six months in vaccinate at your own discretion. The respective vaccination decision is covered by the approval, covered by liability law and the corresponding claim is based on the coronavirus vaccination ordinance of the federal government.The Federal Ministry has ensured that sufficient vaccine is available in order to be able to offer a vaccination to anyone who would like a booster vaccination in accordance with this guideline.

We know that the COVID-19 vaccinations cause considerable burdens and great organizational effort in the practices. In order to give you the greatest possible flexibility, we have switched back to weekly vaccine deliveries to doctors' practices.

In addition, the remuneration system was further developed with the amendment to the Vaccination Ordinance. In order to better reflect the considerable additional effort, from Tuesday you will receive 8 euros for each vaccination in addition to the previously applicable remuneration, i.e. a total of 28 euros. On weekends and public holidays there is an additional surcharge of 8 euros to a total of 36 euros per vaccination.

Let's strengthen the vaccination barrier against the virus together. Help, as central multipliers in the health system and as a professional group whose experience and expertise the patients trust, to get the citizens as safely as possible through this second pandemic winter.

Kind regards

Jens Spahn Member of the
Federal Minister for Health

Dr. Andreas Gassen
Chairman of the KBV Board of Directors

What does Bayer./Monsanto have to do with this?

Also judging by this disgusting mutual masturbation video of Stefan Oelrich (Bayer/Monsanto) it looks like the pharma-fascists quite often sit together and touch each others penis..

Oh ha ha ha Im sure "Jelly dick Jens would have loved to spend more time with Stefan on the lollita plane"

as an example because uh minister spahn and i i think we've talked quite quite often over the last two years he will say not more often than he would have liked probably

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Germany lost the narrative
surely to “punish” the unvaccinated you would make them suffer financially? nooooooooo they lost the narrative and the cases plunged.. My German friends.. if you can DO NOT TEST.. do NOT partake.. deny the system its data.. starve it.. FUCK THE FASCISTS