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As we have been writing for the last 2 years (just about) covid was never dangerous to 99% of people.

The vaccine was untested experimental and dangerous.

Both of those statements are provably true now even "Teh SciEnCe" agrees.

Thankfully the CDC got the data and started realising their "mistake" - A year late and a day short.

In Western Australia even the Universities (who have been very dictatorial like in their demands that students and staff be "Fully vaccinated" whatever that means. Despite it being evident for over a year now that covid is not dangerous to anyone under 80.

hmm some serious poitns to consider there.. 

So lets address "The University Curtin's" points about its "successful strategy" and the evidence that the vax prevents death and serious effects of covid.

Provide "good protection" against covid and are "effective"

If its not working for the experts its not working for the lay person.

Biden still COVID-positive on 7th day of ‘rebound’ infection: doctor
President Biden tested positive for COVID-19 yet again Friday as his “rebound” infection persisted for a seventh day — meaning he must remain quarantined at the White House.
3x vaxed 2 rounds of covid, sure sure effective im so sure
Dr. Anthony Fauci tests positive for COVID-19
Fauci, who is 81, is fully vaccinated and has been boosted twice, according to the National Institutes of Health.
4x vaxed 2 times sick surely effective and on paxlovid too rofl
Labor is hoping Anthony Albanese’s Covid diagnosis throws a harsh spotlight on to Scott Morrison | Katharine Murphy
What happens now is a function of how sick Albanese gets, and whether seeing more of the prime minister works for or against his own campaign
Albo 3x vaxed also got it..
Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews tests positive to COVID-19
The Premier says he received his results on a rapid antigen test and has “mild symptoms”, including a sore throat and temperature.
3x vaxed and sick rofl

So many of the 3x vaxed have had it now multiple times.. it has not worked ever. "maybe" against Delta but we will never know as delta was long gone by the time the vax was being injected into people.

The elephant in the room

How are your "Unvaccinated" friends doing? I bet allot better than the vaccinated friends. Of course well never know because most places stopped reporting that ratio.

Why are we still being poleaxed by Covid-19?
Mail on Sunday readers have been writing in to share their recent brushes with Covid-19 despite having been fully vaccinated, with some being ‘wiped out’ while others barely noticed it.
Daily mail starting to ask the question


Rofl.. No.. excess mortality is way beyond normal rises even considering the 2 years of under treatment of the usual suspects, probably because the "spike" gets into your body and is produced FOREVER.. that spike stops the cells that prevent cancer and a range of other nasty diseases...

The Koreans dont think its safe for kids

Young people’s deaths after Pfizer vaccines are new worry
Deaths following vaccine jabs among people in their 20s continue to be reported in Korea, adding fresh concerns as inoculations for younger people start Thursday.

Nor do the Danes

One Country Has ‘Forbidden’ the COVID-19 Vaccine for Kids
The Danish government is no longer advising that individuals under the age of 18 receive the COVID-19 vaccine.“Children and young people only very rarely become seriously ill from covid-19 with

India is also very concerned

Post-Covid complication: 15 die of blood clotting in 20 days at RIMS
The second wave of Covid-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc on many patients who are still struggling with complications arising after infected, particularly in the form of Mucormycosis (black fungus) and thrombosis

The CDC even admitted their set in stone "the spike does not stay in your body for long" statement and "Teh Science" cant be wrong.. can it?

CDC (quietly) removes a massive claim on vaccine safety
and bolsters concerns about mRNA and cancer
German Insurer Sees Staggering Rise in Adverse Effects from Covid-19 Vaccines
Approximately 11 million people are insured by the Techniker Krankenkasse. 473,593 cases of medical treatment resulting from vaccination thus amounts to around one in every 23 people insured.
COVID-19 Data Explorer
Research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems
nope not safe, excess non-covid deaths is goign through the roof, but not for the unvaccinated

Not the unvaccinated you say?

No, not in relatively unvaccinated lands, behold "South Africa"

hmm thats a mighty plataue the unvaccinated uncivilised african country has there. Also notice when the excess started 2021

Happily even the Cape Town vax factory is shutting down. not even a SINGLE order.

South Africa’s Aspen COVID-19 vaccine plant risks closure after no orders, executive says
Africa’s first COVID-19 vaccination plant, touted last year as a trailblazer for an under-vaccinated continent frustrated by sluggish Western handouts, risks shutting down after receiving not a single order, a company executive said on Saturday.
Happily its closed now

Winter Booster shots

Sure if you want to further endanger yourself.. go for it