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Slowly the Jesuit Eugenicist slips down the slope, hopefully into hell:

"We have never funded gain of research in Wuhan... but let me explain why we did it."

Update: 05.08.2022

The son of a biatch is going to go down; There will be NO RETIREMENT for this ghastly man. Corruption.

Update: 24.10.2021

And now he's cutting the vocal chords out of beagles and letting their faces get eaten off by sandflies to "test" something.. So this is what "I am teh SciEnCe" Fauci gets up to? Imagine how much of a shit he gives about your children.

Psyop: this is an easy-out door given to this fuckwit..  Just like Cuomo and Hancock caught with "sex complaints" after they killed thousands of the frail and elderly.

Update 21.10.2021

Well its official, Fauci Lied People Died! Now its time to take this shit-for-brains-morally-corrupt fascist prick to the courts!

Fauci outed for the exact things Rand Paul accused him of. He DID fund GoF in wuhan he is in DEEP S*HIT.

Now, thanks to materials (here and here) released through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit by The Intercept against the National Institutes of Health (which were unredacted enough to toss Fauci under the bus), we now know that Fauci-funded EcoHealth Alliance, a New York-based nonprofit headed by Peter Daszak, was absolutely engaged in gain-of-function research to make chimeric SARS-based coronaviruses, which they confirmed could infect human cells.
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Update: 06.09.2021

FOIA Release: Fauci Funded Construction Of ‘Chimeric Coronaviruses’ In Wuhan
“This is a roadmap to the high-risk research that could have led to the current pandemic...”

Update: 10.06.2021

Great question:

Update: 05.06.2021

It was not a mere few hundred thousand given for Gain of function research it was "considerably more". Given to the same guy that did facebooks fact checking.. rofl.. this is insanity and the truth must out.

This was the interview that started the shitstorm and slow withdrawal of the nazi medical state.

All his recent covid emails from a FOIA request

shits gonna go down

Fauci the Jesuit

Oh a "conclave" i wonder where that term gets used allot?

Let me google "prevaricate" for you:

So.... splitting hairs here maybe.. but the leader of the WHO Tedros Adhanom and Bernhard Schwartländer? are deciding if they should... "lie"

A massive Smoking gun for the Virology community

Fauci is being thrown under the bus, like BillyGoats.. I guess the Chinese are pissed.

Don't forget Fauci killed many LGTB+ people

and Masks are not effective (duh)

Its time to liberate ourselves from Fauci and the medical totalitarianism state he represents:

Liberating Yourself From Faucism
The deification of Anthony Fauci is unraveling; it is time to learn a meta lesson...

guess what his wife does for a living

Conflict of interest? Fauci’s wife runs bioethics department at NIH
As Chief of the Department of Bioethics at the NIH, Fauci’s wife, Dr. Christine Grady, is responsible for guiding the ‘ethics’ of the government organization’s work. She is also Head of the Section on Human Subjects Research. Faucis National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases is a division…

cant make this story up