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Brace yourselves its going to be a scary 10 months

  1. War with china
  2. vaxxed shedding onto unvaxxed
  3. vaxxed dropping like flies due to their new immunocompromised state.
  4. vaxxed vs unvaxxed - the vaxxed are going to be really angry when they start kaaking it, and they wont blame those responsible.
  5. drones targeting the unvaxxed
  6. aliens

But just remember folks

But fuck that guy, he's almost dead anyway. Unless of course his investments in the young blood initiative is paying off.. you think I'm joking?

Can blood from young people slow aging? Silicon Valley has bet billions it will
Biotech startups are trying to hack the process of aging and, in the process, stave off the most devastating diseases

So, do something you love, spend time with people who matter to you, enjoy the sun and rage against the machine because if you don't you will become but a cog in its machination.