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You are being lied to. You are being made to hate the "other". You are being led to your certain doom.

It's time to resist.

  • Boycott stores that insist on vaccinated only
  • Don't participate in hating your neighbour
  • Dont test
  • Dont QR Scan
  • Deny the machine your data
  • Open your eyes, question everything you hear/see/read
  • Your and the future of your children depends on it

A Letter to Politicians

Copy paste this and send to your politicians!

Dear Sir/Madam,

on behalf of many - I would hope, all - Australians I implore you to please stand for what is right and to support freedom and autonomy for all people.

I ask you to stand against tyranny and to help the people of Australia resist this unprecedented and completely uncalled for power grab that sees us now using "concentration camps" (no amount of media labels will cover what they are) and oppressing people with a medical apartheid state.

These atrocious new "values" are not the values our grand-parents sacrificed for and they are certainly not Australian.

Additionally; this push for vaccine coverage is proven to be a fools errand; as is evident all through Europe and where this Vaccine has been rolled out:

Even at 100% vaccinated (Gibraltar) has had to literally "Cancel Christmas"

And countries like Germany - with very high rates of vaccination- the CFR is less than 1% and the deaths per million is "2"; even with surging cases is clearly indicative that the vaccines are not necessary, nor are they effective needing a 4th shot;

Additionally there is a marked increase in German Emergency Room visits but mostly Cardiovascular and Neurological complaints; whereas Respiratory complaints (i.e. what covid "is") are only slightly raised.. This is a clear sign the vaccines are directly responsible especially when considering the spikes occur a few weeks after the mass vaccination drive started.

(page 4 in attachment or via the url below).