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The sign above says no access except for those vaccinated or recently immune. A fine of 200 euro if you are caught trespassing. We hope you understand and support us in this very difficult time for us as well.

Many years ago I moved to the continent started a family and was content and happy.

But the new "values" that Europeans are being propagandized into having and the belief-system that the radios and televisions of this continent are babbling are not longer in alignment with my values.

  • I believe in the freedom of self
  • the freedom of bodily autonomy
  • the freedom of religion and association
  • and the freedom from coercion into medical experimentation
  • I do not believe in the sacrifice of self for the group except by express self contribution.
  • I do not believe that children should be subject to experimental "vaccinations" for a disease that there is not even enough data to collect to show correlation except in children already horrifically comorbid.
  • We dont sacrifice child for grandma.. we never have and never will.. sorry grandma.

Europe is dead; the hypocrisy and prejudice reeks in the streets and on every shop doorway.

We are not the present Dogs, Jews or Negros and damn these weak kneed pathetic individuals that insist we are and the lessons they have forgotten.

I am outta here, and taking my family funds and everything I am to a place more deserving.

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