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No, sorry they are not safe and you are very clearly lying.

In medical science "safety, is a function of data-points over time"... if enough data points survive over a specified period of time, then a treatment can be nominated as "Safe".

Not enough time has passed to call this crap "safe" and it's clearly not the 93% effective we were all promised.

Update: 23.07.2021

Serial winker, "Victor Dominello" proud of his digital "inclusion".. card.. can the double-think get any more obvious?

wait for it.. wait for it

Garrr me hearties! Shiver me timbers  it didn’t even hurt!

arrrr there it is..

Stop believing the lies.. There is something else going on here

Just ask: Victor "I don't care if you want to see your dying grandma in the hospital, stay at home" Dominello